My Notebook System

notebook system

Do you have a system to keep track of all your to-do’s for the day? It may seem like a no-brainer to some folks out there, but once I developed a set-up that worked for me it was a game changer.

As you can see above, I devote a full page to each day. I borrow elements from the bullet journal system, but it’s a WAY scaled down version. Each of my tasks are given a tick box that I check off as it gets completed. If I didn’t complete the task it gets an arrow so that I know to migrate it onto my list of to-do’s for the following day. If an item no longer needs completing for whatever reason I give it a strike-through.

In the middle of the page are my notes. These are items I encounter through out the day that I want to return to and investigate further when I have more time. This little section is instrumental in keeping me focused on the task at hand. And I don’t forget about things that may be useful or interest me later. Sorta like leaving myself little breadcrumbs in the form of bullet points!

And finally, something I started in 2016, a MANTRA! I kicked off the new year with Yoga with Adriene’s Yoga Camp. The challenge included 30 yoga videos to be done every day for 30 days and each one came with their own mantra. I found these daily affirmations wildly helpful and inspirational in January so I figured, why stop here!? When I sit down with my list at the beginning of each day I find a phrase, quote, or affirmation that I can focus my thoughts towards in the coming hours.

I also borrow The Monthly Log or Calendar Page from the Bullet Journal method. That’s where the Bullet Journal similarities end. For me, keeping an index (a key Bullet Journaling component) just feels too cluttered. The full Bullet Journal system, though I tried and enjoyed it for awhile, just isn’t for me. And ya gotta find what works for you. I love my system and love that it’s adapted over time to keep me productive and my brain-space uncluttered.

OH! And for forward-planning (ie. weekly and monthly planning as opposed to daily to-do’s) I use a mini-binder planner from the Target Dollar Spot. I just started it at the beginning of April and have been trying my hand at planner decorating…..totally something I never thought I would get into but I’m absolutely loving it. Perhaps I’ll post some pictures at some point if y’all are into it.

How do you stay on top of your daily to-do list? Do you keep paper lists or are you totally digital? Have you ever tried keeping a bullet journal? Into planner decorating? Tell me everything!!! 

9 thoughts on “My Notebook System

  1. I love to-do lists! That’s how I run my life & business. I keep physical notebooks and then I also add important to-do items to my Google Calendar. I like the tip about adding a little arrow next to the ones you want to move to the next to-do list 🙂 Thanks!

  2. I live for To-Do lists. Life can get so hectic! I am the same way Paola, physical notes on my home calendar and other important to do on my google calendar and iPhone reminders!

  3. I just started doing daily to-do lists! It’s definitely helping me keep track and accomplish what needs to be done for the day. Which I love! BUT it also stresses me out when I have to move items to the next day, haha. There’s just not enough time in the day for everything! 😀💗

    1. Gah! Totally agree! Physically “migrating” the item to the next day (ie. with the arrow and then re-writing the task on the next day) has really helped me identify what things aren’t getting done and, more importantly, WHY. I try to keep track of how many times something has been migrated. If I’ve put it off for 3 or more days, I know it needs to be re-evaluated. Usually it’s just a matter of breaking it down into more manageable chunks!

  4. I’ve tried doing an electronic system with reminders, and it just doesn’t work for me.

    I’m a Bullet Journal girl, all the way…..although since I only use it for personal stuff (work is separate) its not too overwhelming. I technically use the index, but I’ve gotten into the habit of just folding a sticker over the edge…on the “side” to mark off the beginning of a month, and on the top to mark off a separate section (I keep a section for blog post ideas, places to go eat, books to read, etc.). It creates an easy to use divider/bookmark effect. I’ll stop now….I can go on about to-do lists forever!!

    1. I LOVE that idea, Sabrina! I’ve never thought about doing that for the Bullet Journal but I bet it works really well (and looks cool, too!). Thanks for sharing!

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