mid-week round-up

Hello friends! What’s going on this week? With everyone’s talk of “sweater weather” and cooler temperatures, I’m feeling a bit like I have the opposite of Seasonal Affective Disorder. We’ll call it OMG WHY HAS IT BEEN HOT FOR SO MANY MONTHS??? Syndrome. Maybe some activities to mark the passing seasons would be helpful?? I already put up some Autumn/Halloween decorations but what else could be fun? Any ideas?? I’m all ears! Also, the comments on this post make me excited to continue sharing about mantras in the coming weeks. ‘Til then, here are some links…

Fleeing the fires in Sonoma County.

In the poorest towns, where even Wal-Mart failed, Dollar General is turning a profit.

A run-down of the best emergency preparedness supplies.

On my reading list.

My charitable donation for October went to Center for Reproductive Rights.

U.S. officials inadvertently included a Bloomberg reporter on an internal email list about Hurricane Maria.

The Halloween costume everyone was wearing the year you were born.

And I just ordered some Christmas decorations because it’s never too early.

Have you heard of the new online grocery store where everything costs $3?

Residents of Barbuda return to pick up the pieces after hurricane.

15 things to do when you’re bored at work.

What’s next on your reading list? Find out how long it will take to read.

P.S. A few Finding Delight posts you may have missed — Too Many Books, Never Enough Time and Desk Drawer Must-Haves.


7 thoughts on “mid-week round-up

  1. Reading some of the evacuation stories by people who fled the fires is completely heartbreaking and terrifying. I cannot imagine.

    I can attest to the Dollar General thing. My cute little hometown is all brick and historic and picturesque, and they came and dropped a big yellow, neon, fluorescent DG in the middle of it. There is nothing more ugly or out of place, but it’s thriving. Prior, people would have to drive to the end of the county or to the next county over (a 10-30 minute drive, depending on where you are) simply for a loaf of bread if you ran out. The DGs popping up in various places definitely alleviate some of that, because now you can just stop by on the way home from work.

    1. Yes! I love that they’re helping to rid rural areas of food deserts. But I do feel like they have some predatory practices. I read another article about how they offer cash-back BUTTT only after a hefty fee. The towns where they set up shop often don’t have a bank or ATM so people utilize the cash-back feature out of necessity and DG makes a lot of EASY money off of them. Pretty sketch. This article just added another level of mixed feelings!

  2. Some amazing links. Hehe I come from a tropical region I can totally relate it is only hot af here and all I can hear and see is people talking about fall and autumn.

  3. Wonderful links! Though, the fires are insane. They always happen this time of the year when everything is at their dryest.

  4. Wish the sweater weather comes in my country too, it’s almost the end of the second fall month and still, the weather is very warm. Thanks for sharing the links, i am gonna check the Halloween costume of my year.

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