mid-week round-up

What are you up to today? I’m looking forward to the leftover broccoli soup we have stowed away in the fridge, and taking FULL advantage of the fact that every season of E.R. is on Hulu. (Chet’s never seen it!) Oh those lazy, winter weeknights in. Have a great day, and here are some links I think you might enjoy…

Sharon Stone laughed for literally 10 seconds after being asked if she’s ever dealt with sexual harassment.

Thousands once spoke his language in the Amazon. Now he’s the only one.

What would you do if you thought you had 15 minutes to live?

The best apps to fuel your blogging business.

Weirdly want to buy a pair of pajama jeans. Has anyone ever tried them?

52 places to go in 2018.

The story behind Little Golden Books.

These would be nice to keep tucked under your kitchen sink.

How Old West theme parks lie about America’s pioneer past.

This productivity notepad set is super adorbz!

The lives nurses lived outside of hospitals during WWI.

The island where Washington State sends its sex offenders.


10 thoughts on “mid-week round-up

  1. I’ve never watched ER either, but I think I remember my mom watching it some when I was really young. (It was a bit “too old” for me I think.) I may take it up now that it’s on Hulu!
    It’s snowing here today and I’m having soup for dinner too! Tis the season for hearty comforting soups.

    1. Also, that article about the “Old West” towns is really interesting. It’s amazing how strongly the narratives have been shaped in this country from things meant to be so innocent.

  2. These were all so interesting! I’m going to need to look that Sharon Stone interview, I can imagine how she felt after being asked such thing – like who hasn’t?

  3. Lovely post. And thank you so much for sharing that post about apps! It’s a great one and I already found couple of Apps to try. I’m kind of an App geek. Probably I should publish my list in blog some day. 🙂

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