mid-week round-up

What are you up to this week? My mom headed back to Kentucky on Monday. I keep thinking about the immigrant families being separated against their will at our border and I feel ever more grateful and blessed to have a parent who is just a day’s drive away. We had a wonderful visit…even if we got a little lost while out on a hike. Whoops!

Sending a big hug to anyone reading this, and here are some links for you to check out…

The fall of New York and the urban crisis of affluence.

How to get Anine Bing’s bright and airy decor style.

S-Town is being turned into a movie.

The reasons why women’s voices are deeper today.

Is it weird I kinda want to start rocking a fanny pack?

“Liz Phair taught me everything about being a grown up.”

Who wants to book this “Craftsman Charmer” for a vacay in Nashville?

This natural deodorant looks promising.

A busy mom and recipe tester shares her favorite $10 meals.

5 people on why they code switch.

And finally,

Absolutely haunting.

Jesus wouldn’t put children in cages.

PLEASE — Call your congresspeople. Volunteer. Donate. Protest.

Because, in the words of Hillary Clinton – “There’s no such thing as other people’s children.” There are simply children.


7 thoughts on “mid-week round-up

  1. Ah what an amazing round-up again! And I don’t know/care what Jesus would do, but a normal functioning humanbeing doesn’t put children in cages. Thanks for bringing up such an important message!

  2. My heart aches so much this week.
    I could use a getaway to that craftsman in Nashville, but goodness isn’t that the most privileged statement? The feeling of being unable to do much more than call and try to help others understand what is really happening is sort of helpless.

  3. The whole situation at the border is breaking my heart. I’ve been staying off the news for a few days because I can’t handle the horror. I’m so grateful I can just jump in a plane at will and be with my family. It’s a travesty.
    Katja xxx

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