Entryway Wish List

Where do you focus your design-energy in your home? There are the obvious spaces — like creating a zen-like bathroom or a kitchen that feels cozy enough for guests to gather around the table. But lately, I’ve been feeling inspired to add a little of my aesthetic to our new entryway. As I mentioned in this post, it’s the first design project I’d like to tackle in our new abode. After all, it’s the first thing folks see when they walk in your house!

So far, I’ve got these hooks hung and a runner rug laid out. (Shout out to my mom for choosing the rug!) I took to Amazon to track down some other pieces that are now wish listed for the project …

This shelf, sitting long-ways, can display my bits and bobs, but also offers a storage solution by tucking a basket or two in the bottom cubbies.

A director floor lamp to cast an inviting glow.

I could add texture by sticking an oversized plant in the mix and housing it in one of these mid-century modern planters.

Ya gotta have a mirror so you can check your look before leaving.

And maybe a large print in a gold frame for the DRAMA.

Finally, I’d like to add this piece to my bar cart (which is what you see as you walk down my self-created entryway) because I’ve considered tons of small wine racks and I always land back at this one.

For little touches – I’m all about a giant candle with sweet matches at the ready, succulents nestled in terra cotta pots, and maybe a thrifted crate to house muddy shoes.

How have you decorated your entryway? Tell me in the comments! 

P.S. Since we’re renting this home, I’m following these tips.


8 thoughts on “Entryway Wish List

  1. I would love to have an entryway I could dress up like this. I hope our next home will be better suited for decorating my way!

  2. These are wonderful ideas! The first one is my favorite, the mirror makes any place look bigger and that certain one add luxury as well!

  3. Oh my goodness that round mirror in the first picture is pure goals! It wouldn’t fit in our apartment, as we don’t have anything that goes with golden details but it’s absolutely stunning😍

  4. When I do decorating, I do peace by peace and it is a long process for me. I always add or remove something. A little details can define the room the most. =)

  5. I love these entryway styles! They are modern and very fashionable. I especially LOVE the first one.
    Sadly my entryway is nothing like it, I’ve only hung 2 paintings up and a cute coat hanger with a small mirror.

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