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Common Mistakes People Make When Switching To Natural Beauty Products

If you’re looking for more ways to be environmentally-friendly and cut out questionable products in your life, your personal care regime is a great place to start. Beauty products can be loaded with controversial chemicals that have mixed effects on the skin but can also be harmful to the planet. Whether it’s parabens, formaldehyde or coal tar, there are many ingredients that can have unwanted effects on your health.

This is why many people are making the switch to natural beauty and personal care products. However, changing over to an entirely different range of products takes a bit of getting used to, especially if you’ve been using the same kinds of products for so many years. So in this post, we’ll be taking a look at some of the most common mistakes people make when adopting an all-natural routine.

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Don’t assume that every product is fully natural

Just because a product says “natural” on the label or Amazon product description, that doesn’t necessarily make it true. Many brands are cashing in on the all-natural craze and as a result, they might still be sneaking in a few unwanted or questionable ingredients into their products. When reading labels, make sure you look at all of the ingredients and give them a quick Google search to learn more.

Skip straight to the source ingredient

There are a lot of products that you can purchase in a purer state. For example, you can purchase bottles of witch hazel to use as a facial cleanser, toner or even for acne treatment. This is a far better option than buying a natural skin cream that includes witch hazel as an active ingredient…along with a bunch of other, unnecessary ingredients.

Keep some of your existing products instead of throwing it all away

Like it or not, it’s important to keep your existing products because throwing them away would be like throwing money down the drain. It’s understandable that you want to switch to a natural regime as soon as possible, but that doesn’t mean you can’t hold onto the existing products you have. If you’ve got full bottles of beauty products, hold on to them and continue using them until they run out, especially if you’ve not experienced any kind of adverse reactions or effects while using them in the past.

You can find products you never knew existed

One of the great things about natural products is that you can often find things that you never knew existed. For instance, this natural deodorant cream is a fantastic alternative to spray or roll-on deodorants that are usually the most popular option. They contain long-lasting and effective ingredients and come in a variety of different scent options. One of the fun things about switching to a natural regime is being able to find unique, new products that you’ve never heard of or tried before.

Hopefully, this post has shown that it’s easy to make the switch to natural beauty products if you’re prepared. There are some mistakes that people make, but avoiding them is simple if you know what to look out for.

Let’s Talk About My Dry Scalp

You guys. I am so ready for Spring. But for sort of a weird (and embarrassing) reason…

My disgustingly dry scalp!

Now, I have a pretty dry scalp year-round but I find that it’s a bit more manageable in the warmer seasons. Which was great in Miami! Warm year-round. But moving up to Alabama? This minor (major to me, but PERSPECTIVE lol) annoyance came back with a vengeance as soon as temperatures started to dip below 65.

I feel like I’ve tried lots of remedies to no avail. It seems ridiculous to spend a bunch of money on every possibility under the sun when I know the tides will turn come May. (But I did cut my own hair this winter because I didn’t want to hear another hairdresser tell me, “Your scalp is so dry!” Oh REALLY?! Wow, I hadn’t noticed.)

I promise this post isn’t just me complaining. Ok, it mostly is. But I’d love to know if this is something you’ve dealt with. Do you have any remedies? What works for you? Any hair care routines or products you swear by (dry scalp or not)? Below are some of the things I’ve tried or still use regularly because they keep things in check in warmer months, as well as things I’ve been recommended before that I still need to try.

Over the years, I’ve tried:

T/Sal and T/Gel

Avalon Organics Tea Tree Shampoo and Conditioner

Tea Tree Oil

Coconut Leave-In Conditioner

Biolage Shampoo

and these are on my list:

Argan Oil

Tea Tree Hair and Scalp Treatment

Shampoo Brush (like this one or this one)

JASON Normalizing Shampoo

Davines Purifying Shampoo

This book, which is up next in the Finding Delight book club (!!!) says dry scalp can be a symptom of hormone imbalance so I’ll be exploring that further. I’ll keep y’all updated…not that you NEED to remain abreast on the sordid detail of my dry scalp saga, but maybe you want to! 😉

P.S. My favorite hairbrush and that time I wore extensions.

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Is the Tangle Teezer all it’s cracked up to be?

Tangle Teezer

Let me tell you a potentially gross secret. I’ve had the same hairbrush for years. I bought it after a return flight from a debate tournament in Wisconsin. I opened my checked luggage (Remember back when checking a bag was free?! Luxe.) to find a complete disaster, a friendly note from TSA saying they had searched my bag, and several broken items. Including my hairbrush. Annoyed, I rushed to Walmart to buy a replacement and the rest as they say is history!

BUT! For years, these little kidney bean shaped brushes have been EVERYWHERE. And so I finally decided, enough was enough. It was time give ol’ faithful a rest and try something new. And the results surprised me…

Tangle Teezer bristles

So, here’s another secret. I don’t brush my hair all that often. I wear it up or let it air dry naturally and call it a day. But I feel like I need to buck this trend and start taking better care of my mane.

Tangle Teezer promises speedy and gentle results thanks to their revolutionary teeth formation. And most importantly for yours truly, helps to minimize hair breakage caused by mistreatment when detangling.

Some big promises, eh? I took it out for a spin on wet hair. At first, it felt like nothing was happening. If a brush isn’t rippin’ through those tangles then I ain’t got time for it! But then I realized it had ACTUALLY GOTTEN OUT THE KNOTS. With one swipe. Without my noggin really feeling a thing. What IS this witchcraft?!?

On dry hair I experienced similar results. Quick and painless. Minimal hair left behind in the brush. (SCORE!) Shiny, no knots, and a great little scalp massage to boot. The only downside so far is a little bit of static when brushing dry hair. Other than that, call me AMAZED. I can’t believe I waited so long to jump on this bandwagon.

Does the Tangle Teezer work?

Do you have a hairbrush you swear by? Have you tried the Tangle Teezer? Are there any other beauty trends I’ve been sleepin’ on??? Leave me a wake up call below!

P.S. This isn’t a sponsored post. I just REALLY needed to get a new hairbrush and was so baffled by how well this one worked that I couldn’t keep it a secret. 🙂

My Top 10 Skin Care Staples


Today I thought I’d give you a peek at the products that have currently taken up residence on the side of sink. While my skin care routine is fairly minimal, I’ve found a groove that works for me. And I’ve come a long ways since my college days when I would regularly dive into bed after a debate tournament with a face full of makeup and wake up the next morning armed with a bar of hotel soap and a rough washcloth. My skin thanks me for each small step I’ve taken away from that nightmare, trust me. So, here’s a look at the goo and gloop that I slather on my epidermis, why I love it, and when I use it…

skincare cerave

1. CeraVe Foaming Facial Cleanser I switched to this cleanser about 6 months ago and I think it would take something extra special for me to fall out of love with it. I use it to wash my face morning and night. It is so gentle, doesn’t dry out the skin, and leaves my face feeling super clean.




skincare alba scrub

2. Alba Botanica Hawaiian Facial Scrub I mentioned this scrub in a monthly favorites and for good reason. Alba Botanica is one of my favorite skin care brands and this scrub doesn’t disappoint! It contains gentle buffing granules to refine pores and leave skin feeling all a-glow. I feel like a lot of folks get a little addicted to scrubs. They just make your skin feel so soft as soon as you step away from the sink. But over-using can cause your skin to produce excess oils, having the adverse effect that you intended. So I only use this guy once a week.

skincare mask


3. Dead Sea Minerals Anti-Stress Clay Facial Mask Similar to scrubs, I like to do a mask about once a week. I don’t actually recommend the mask pictured here (I’m just too stubborn to let a product that’s just okay go to waste). I bought it when I popped into CVS for a treat yo’self one-use mask. This full-size version was only two dollars more than the mini so I figured, “What the hey?” In reality, not my favorite. (And now I know…masks = worth investing in. Don’t waste your money on the cheapy-cheaps!) I would recommend this one or this one instead. But the point is, indulging in a face mask once in a while is awesome and my skin loves it!

skincare wipes4. Up & Up Sensitive Skin Cleansing Facial Wipes Sometimes I get a little lazy and need to swipe off some mascara with out turning on a tap, ya feel me? Because I take my laziness very seriously, I’ve tried a whole bunch of these genius little wipes. And these are hands down my favorite. Check ’em out if you suffer from occasional bouts of laziness as well.



skincare vichy


5. Vichy Lifactive Supreme As I mentioned in this post, this stuff is kind of amazing. I dab a bit of this cream on fine lines day or night as needed.  It soaks right into the skin, without feeling wet or tacky, and has instant results. It smooths the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while brightening and firming the skin. I don’t have a whole lot of experience with anti-aging products, but I’d totally recommend this one!

skincare cetaphil


6. Cetaphil Mouisturizing Cream Since moving to South Florida, dry skin hasn’t been so much of a concern. (No winters!) But keeping a good drug-store moisturizer on deck for those days when my skin has endured a long day of sun and salt-water is generally a good idea. I used to swear by the drug-store dupes for Aveeno, but since receiving Cetaphil in an Influenster box, I’m a convert. I just pick up a sample size at Target so it can easily travel with me to colder climates.

skincare toner7. Alaffia Coconut Water Face Toner In lieu of a cream, like the one above, for everyday moisture, I love this coconut water face toner. It feels so nice to just mist it on, especially in this heat, and it smells good too! Bonus: It’s made from certified Fair Trade ingredients. Woohoo!




skincare body oil

8. Wellness of Eden Lavender Body Oil For moisturizing my body, I love using oils because they soak right into the skin. To me, lotions tend to feel like they’re hovering on top of the skin and can feel greasy. I specifically like to use lavender because I shower at night, and nothing will transport you to sleepytime like a little post-shower lavender aromatherapy.


skincare sunscreen



9. Alba Botanica Very Emollient Sunscreen SPF 30 More Alba Botanica! I’m a half German, half Irish girl living in a very tropical world. Daily sunscreen is a must. While I tend to use a more sport-oriented sunscreen when we go to the beach or pool, I use this one on my face and shoulders for day-to-day adventures out into the great outdoors…like walking through my parking lot to get to the car.

skincare tinted moisturizer10. Organic Wear Tinted Moisturizer For a touch of color correction and concealing this little tube has been my go-to the last few months. It has a very light formula that’s great for sensitive skin while still providing enough coverage to even out skin tone. I’ll definitely repeat purchase this brand!




my top 10 skin care staples

What skin care staples do YOU swear by? Have you tried any of the products listed above? Any you’d like to add to your repertoire? 

The Me-Time Tag

The Me-Time Tag

1. What do you watch or read during me-time?

Like pretty much everyone in my generation, I love a good binge watch. When it comes to TV shows, I run the full gamut from critically acclaimed drama to trashy reality. Currently I’m marathoning my way through House of Cards (obvi) and season nine of Keeping up with the Kardashians. See what I mean? Highs and lows. I’m also watching How to Get Away with Murder in real time. As for reading, my nose is usually tucked in a book but  I also keep up with a pretty lengthy list of blogs over on Bloglovin’ and LOVE getting lost in a good longform article.

2. What do you wear during me-time?

My comfies! Usually some form of lounge-wear (read: PJ pants) or athletic-wear (read: running shorts) and t-shirts/hoodies. The former dancer in me has never let go of legwarmers. Frigid weather has me turning to my “sherpa-lined” bootie slippers more often than not. I wish I could have a dresser full of all this me-time apparel.

3. What are your me-time beauty products?

Lately I’ve been loving Yes To products. Specifically Yes to Grapefruit Correct & Repair Daily Facial Scrub and Yes to Tomatoes Skin Clearing Facial Mask.

4. Current favorite nail polish?

I’ll always love any navy blue nail polish but ask me again in the summer and my tastes may brighten.

5. What do you eat/drink during me-time?

Cheap red wine from Trader Joe’s, fruit, greek yogurt (the Greek Gods Original Honey kind is insane!!!).

6. Current favorite candle?

I’m a huge fan of Bath and Body Works Leaves and Eucalyptus Mint.

7. Do you ever have outdoorsy me-time?

Absolutely! I adore really long walks and usually listen to podcasts as I go. I have a hard time switching off my overly expressive face so I often wonder if I look a little looney tunes giggling and crying along to my dude Ira Glass’ voice…but whaddaya gonna do?

8. Would you ever go see a movie alone?

I would and I have. Sometimes sitting down to watch a movie by yourself AT HOME can be a little guilt inducing–at least for me. Like, should I be doing something more productive? I guess I could check my e-mail while this is on? That litter box isn’t gonna scoop itself! Going to the theater is a great way to just let everything else on your plate go and enjoy getting lost for a little bit. Pro-tip: Unwrap that Jimmy John’s sammy BEFORE the movie starts.

9. Favorite online store? 

Other than Amazon, I’m not sure I really HAVE a favorite online store. I prefer to online window shop over on Pinterest. ; )

10. What else do you do during me-time?

Snuggle with Wink. Loom knit. Blog. Watch YouTube videos. Do yoga.

Over to you! Pick a question and answer below! I’d love to know how you’re spending your precious me-time.