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List 8: In My Bag

I started a LIST SERIES in Summer 2018 and decided to keep adding to it here and there. These posts are kinda like an introduction (or a reintroduction for those who’ve been with me since the jump!). A nice to meet ya, so glad you stopped by, now STAY AWHILE! Why lists? Because I love making ’em! Enjoy…

What’s in my bag(s)…

Here’s what I had handy on a recent trek to Ohio. Since I was traveling by car I packed clothes and toiletries in a suitcase, but I also brought along my Tom Bihn Synapse 19 and Side Effect.

In my Synapse 19–

In my Side Effect–

  • phone (+charger)
  • battery bank
  • minimalist wallet w/ all my various cards
  • pen
  • Sharpie
  • Yu-Be lip balm
  • tampon
  • 2 random gift cards I want to use up
  • sunglasses

Tell me what you keep in YOUR bag(s) in the comments below! xoxo

[And in case you’re curious…




What’s in my bag?

whats in my bag spring edition

whats in my bag spring 2

I got this upcycled bag as a present from my Mom a few years back. I think the pastel colors and cheeky geese on the front make it a great bag to crack out for Spring strolls and shopping excursions. Here’s a peek at what I’ll be carrying around this season.

1. iPhone My phone is pretty much surgically attached to me, sad to say. At least it looks cute dressed up in this mandala-inspired elephant case. I got this one on Amazon, and while it took nearly a month to ship, it was only a couple dollars.

2. Travel Umbrella Not the cutest print in the world but it will keep me prepared for any Spring showers that will no doubt pop up (or the MONSOON we had last week). Full disclosure: I took this little guy out of the Lost & Found at work because I wanted something small for my tiny backpack. Sorry, not sorry.

3. Burt’s Bees This Coconut & Pear variety was a total impulse buy but well worth it. Have you seen the documentary Burt’s Buzz? I loved it and it totally could have been the reason for the impulse.

4. Lip Color For when I want to look a little more vibrant and put together, I can throw on Mineral Fusion’s lip tint in “smolder”.

5. Granola I’m completely addicted to local company, Sweetgrass Granola. The miniature size of their products is perfect for snacking on the go. Pro tip: If I’m wanting to eat breakfast out at a coffee shop, a super cheap option is to just get a yogurt with my coffee and top it with some of this secret stash.

6. Reading Material Currently I’m hauling around this hardback copy of Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil by John Berendt. The characters are delicious and it’s a magical escape during Spring afternoon sun worshipping and waiting room blues. My brother and his fiancee are getting married in Savannah in just a few months! I can’t wait to be in this city!

7. Notebook I love jotting down lists and blog ideas in my Baron Fig “Confidant” hardcover notebook. I opt for the dot grid pages. My boyfriend is slowly but surely turning me in to quite the notebook snob.

8. Pen Sharpie pens in fun colors are my newest kryptonite. They are certainly my favorite thing to write with and I always keep one on hand.

9. Change Purse Some adventures just don’t call for hauling around a giant billfold full of every rewards card imaginable and a checkbook. This dainty change purse does just fine holding a little bit of cash and cards. Bonus, it’s Fair Trade!

10. Keys If I could put everything I own on a carabiner I certainly would. Also, how cute is that little Radio Flyer keychain? I get tons of comments on it. The only keycards I keep on are my Good Foods Co-op owner card and my Lexington Public Library card.

11. Hair Ties You can never have too many. Especially in warmer months.

12. Allergy Tablets Allergens and I are not friends so I carry Allercetin Allergy & Sinus homeopathic tablets to help me breathe a little easier.

13. Shopping Bag This reusable bag stuffs itself into a handy little pod so it’s perfect for impromptu trips to the store or farmer’s market.

14. Tea There’s something quite spring-y to me about green tea.

15. Sunglasses The shaaaaaaade of it all! Buying prescription eye-wear on the internet was intimidating at first, but I’ve been quite happy with these white and pink sunnies from Lookmatic.