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mid-week round-up

pink architecture

How’s everyone enjoying their Thanksgiving week? We’ll be dining with one of Chet’s colleague’s family tomorrow, and the rest of the week I’m hoping to avoid the holiday shopping crazed crowds! We’re planning to get out of dodge completely on Black Friday and relax by Biscayne Bay. The weather in South Florida is perfect right now for just chilling outside for hours at a time. I can imagine the breeze by the water is going to be bliss. Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving full of friends, family and food! And here are some links to celebrate this short week…

Don’t you just love this pair? #GirlPower

Cute gift ideas in case you’re gearing up for a weekend of Christmas shopping.

I used to love perusing video rental stores; sad to think of doing so as a thing of the past.

The only Adele is Adele. (Bonus: Graham Norton!)

Deciding to quit sobriety.

These undercover nuns pose as prostitutes to rescue victims of human trafficking.

Kitchen inspiration. 

Does this ring true of your family?

Brainstorming over brews has led to some pretty clutch ideas.

Gluten-Free versions of famous art.

Remember, not all media is created equal…The language used to describe terrorism. 

12 inexpensive meal ideas for quick lunches or lazy-day dinners.

mid-week round-up

the deal with jay

Have you been listening to Serial? This chart made me laugh. I love that “actually pretty good at lacrosse” falls in the “stoner” category. So true.

Anywho, what are your plans for Thanksgiving? I’ve been promoting the holiday (and all it’s signature dishes) for the past month, so whatever the day brings I know it will be ending with a big glass of wine and a relieved farewell! On to Christmas! Have a wonderful Wednesday and a truly happy Thanksgiving, and here are some links for your enjoyment…

Life changing poems.

Real foods to get at Trader Joe’s.

For the “Parks and Rec” fan on your shopping list.

Story of my life.

The ladies of the BBN come in all sizes!

What birth looks like around the world.

A cleverly designed tiny home made from a shipping container.

Animation of a wife’s drunk joke!

Someday, when I have my own home office, I’m gonna kit it out with Kate Spade desk accessories.

A costume designer tells a story with clothes.

A really simple fajita dinner!

We’ve all been a hot mess before. Gentle words of encouragement should be passed along!