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A Super Simple Capsule Wardrobe for Warm Weather (with outfit combinations!)

If you’ve been around these parts long enough, you know I LOVE a capsule wardrobe. I love creating them, I love reading about them, I love wearing them. Today, I’m back on my bullshit and bringing you yet another capsule wardrobe. This one is for warm weather and I created it with basic wardrobe pieces in mind. Think: items you probably already have in your closet. (And if you don’t they’re super easy and affordable to find — I’ve linked Amazon versions for all of them!!)

Once I decided on the capsule’s 37 pieces, I tried to think about outfits I might put together for events in my own life to show you how easy it is to create combinations.

37 Pieces


White Tee 

White Tank 

White Button Down 

Chambray Tank 

Striped Tee

Grey Graphic Tee 

Athletic Tank 

Plaid Button Down 


Athletic Shorts 

Grey Trousers 


Black Jeans 

Blue Skirt 


Jean Shorts 

Boyfriend Jeans 



Work Dress 


Sun Dress



Black Blazer 

Leather Jacket

Pastel Sweater

Grey Sweatshirt 

Jean Jacket 

Loose Cardigan

Drapey Vest


Black Slide-ons

Brown Platforms

Black Booties 

Dressy Flats 

Brown Booty Heels 

Black Birks 

White Converse Sneakers 

Neutral Sandals



Day Bag

Work Bag 

Evening Bag 

Outfit Combinations

Funky night on the town: Chambray Tank + Blue Skirt + Dressy Flats + Evening Bag (add a chunky watch and beachy waves)

Meeting with a client at the coffee shop: White Button Down + Jeans + Brown Booty Heels + Work Bag (add sunglasses and a pink lip)

Gallery opening and outdoor drinks: White Tank + Blue Skirt + Neutral Sandals + Day Bag (add pretty nail polish and a big spring scarf)

In and out of air-conditioning all day at a campus event: Plaid Button Down (maybe w/ a white tee underneath) + Loose Cardigan + Jean Shorts + Neutral Sandals + Work Bag (add SPF and a dainty necklace)

Dinner out at your favorite downtown restaurant: White Tank + Drapey Vest + Jeans + Brown Booty Heels (add a gold bangle bracelet and your phone for snapping Instagram pics)

Thrift shop ‘til you drop: Pastel Sweater + Jean Shorts + White Converse Sneakers + Work Bag (add a cozy scarf and no-show socks)

Perusing the library book sale for deals: Chambray Tank + Black Jeans + Black Birks + Day Bag (add stacks of rings and eyeliner)

After work activities like stopping by a friend’s event or your monthly book club meeting: Graphic Tee + Black Jeans + Dressy Flats + Evening Bag (add a loose ponytail and a chic watch)

Evening concert in the park: Work Dress + Jean Jacket + Neutral Sandals + Evening Bag (add a blowout and red lip)

Saturday morning errands: White Button Down + Athletic Shorts + Black Birks + Day Bag (add rolled up sleeves and self tanner)

Networking or promotional event: Plaid Button-down + Grey Trousers + Brown Platforms (add business cards and texturizing spray)

Travel day in the airport: White Tee + Jean Jacket + Joggers + Dressy Flats + Work Bag (add earbuds and a cute water bottle)

Administrative happenings like house showings and accountant meetings: Striped Tee + Black Jeans + Jean Jacket + Brown Platforms + Day Bag (add a loose braid and hoops)

Day trip spent exploring nearby towns: Graphic Tee + Black Blazer + Jean Shorts + Black Slide-ons + Work Bag (add sunglasses and a changed up part)

Picking up the CSA at the farm and then going for brunch: White Tank + Boyfriend Jeans + Neutral Sandals + Day Bag (add a to-go mug and dangly earrings)

Cheering on a sports team: White Tank + Drapey Vest + Jean Shorts + White Converse Sneakers (add a bandana/headscarf and sunglasses)

Getting all the meal planning and grocery shopping done: White Tee + Denim Jacket + Athletic Shorts + White Converse Sneakers + Day Bag (add a flowy scarf and beaded jewelry)

Outdoor fair and silent auction: White Tank + Plaid Button-down + Jeans + Brown Booty Heels + Day Bag (add a cocktail ring and gold studs)

Attending a class or lecture: Striped Tee + Loose Cardigan + Boyfriend Jeans + Black Birks + Day Bag (add a moleskine notebook and colorful pens)

*Whew!* I’ve barely even scratched the surface on outfit combinations…but you get the idea! The possibilities really do feel endless. What do you think? Have you ever tried a capsule wardrobe? Do you have a few wardrobe basics you think you could pull from your closet to create one? Let me know your thoughts below. 

P.S. If you’re more of a one and done capsule wardrobe person (or the concept sparks your interest), you can get a checklist PDF of my 50 Piece All-Season Capsule Wardrobe right this way! 


November ’16 Stitch Fix (Unboxing + Try On)



I received another box from Stitch Fix!!! Wanna see what’s inside? For those that don’t know, Stitch Fix is an amazing online company that hooks you up with your own personal stylist. It’s pretty simple! First, you sign up on their website and fill out a style profile. It asks you questions about what you like to wear and your lifestyle to get a clearer picture of the type of clothing you would enjoy receiving. You can also include a link to one of your Pinterest boards for your stylist to peruse. Next, you schedule a “fix” and leave a comment with any special requests or upcoming occasions. And then WAM-BAM, in a few weeks you have a package with five unique items, hand-picked by your own stylist. You also receive a style card for each of your five pieces with two outfit ideas. This is a neat way of showing you how you can incorporate the pieces into your existing wardrobe.

For this “fix,” I asked my stylist to send me short-sleeved shirts that could be dressed up or dressed down depending on the occasion. Because of the never-changing weather in Miami, these are my go-to wardrobe items and I’m getting a little sick of my existing supply. I was a little disappointed to discover that my stylist did not exactly heed my request! However, she did a fabulous job sending items that match my wardrobe aesthetic. Here’s a look at each item…

1. Skies are Blue shirt dress. 



2. Laila Jayde cap sleeve top.



3. Kut From The Kloth distressed boyfriend jeans.



4. Market & Spruce solid quilted vest.



5. Bay to Baubles floral statement necklace.


Now comes the fun part! Deciding what to keep and what to send back. Your box comes equipped with a pre-stamped bag/envelope so you can send back what doesn’t work for you at no extra charge! However, if you keep all 5 items you receive a 25% discount off your total bill. You have three days to make your selections. I like to have a rifle through my closet, jewelry box, and shoe collection to try and come up with full outfits for each piece. This is my way of sussing out if I’ll actually wear the item or not. Here’s what I came up with…

sf-try-on-2   sf-try-on-1

This shirt dress is absolutely something I would wear. (I love anything with a “Prairie” vibe.) Wouldn’t this be such a cute look to rock during Thanksgiving dinner? Or to a more casual Christmas shindig? Unfortunately, the fit for this piece was just a tad off for my size. The bust and arms felt tight, causing the waist in the back to ride up ever so slightly. I know it seems a small issue but these are the annoyances that keep clothes hanging in the closet instead of in your wardrobe rotation.

Verdict: Sent back. 

sf-try-on-7   sf-try-on-8

So I did get one short-sleeved top in this fix! The color is super cute, although not exactly seasonal, and the length was perfect for tucking in a pair of jeans or wearing loose with some smart shorts. This was the piece I debated for the longest. I did ask for it! But in the end, I decided the material was too sheer. I’m just not a huge fan of wearing camis/tanks under my tees.

Verdict: Sent back. 

sf-try-on-4   sf-try-on-5

Jeans of any style or cut are difficult to find for my 5’3″ frame but boyfriend jeans are especially difficult to track down. What’s a girl gotta do to get a flattering relaxed fit?! I couldn’t believe when I pulled this pair on and found them to be the perfect length! No extra cuffing needed, no hemming…and they aren’t even a short or petite size. They look super cute with sandals as well as ankle boots and Converse for those colder climes.

Verdict: Keep. 

sf-try-on-1   sf-try-on-4

I know this is a really impractical closet addition for someone who basically lives in the tropics but I just couldn’t send this vest back. I’m in love with everything about it and it’s not like I’ll be in South Florida FOREVER, ya know? Hunter green, beautifully structured, gold hard-ware-d vests never go out of style.

Verdict: Keep. 

sf-try-on-6   sf-try-on-3

Sometimes you can have too many statement necklaces, and I am currently in that camp. I just never wear the ones I own and then I always feel the need to get new ones for special occasions. So, the little practical voice in my head kicked in on this item. “You want this necklace but you don’t neeeeed this necklace.” Little voice was probably right but looking at these pictures, I’ve gotta admit I’m regretting listening.

Verdict: Sent back. 

So there you have it! I kept two items that I truly believe I will get tons of wear out of (for years!). While the spoils of my fix ended up being more “Closet Basics” than “Wardrobe Refresh,” I’m quite pleased with my purchases.

What do you think? Which pieces are your favorites? Would you have chosen differently? Let me know your thoughts below!!

P.S. My June Stitch Fix Uboxing + Try On.

If you’d like to give Stitch Fix a go, and I SOOO recommend you do, CLICK HERE. It’s a service I’ve used for a few years now and the pieces I’ve kept become closet staples. 

june stitch fix box