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DIY: Stitch a trip.


Recently, my brother and his girlfriend moved from Danville, KY to Savannah, GA. Lucky lil ducks, I say. I decided to do a little DIY brainstorming for ways to commemorate their big move with a crafty gift. I settled upon a project which ended up being a super easy afternoon endeavor that I’m sure anyone could replicate. Simply hand-stitch a map from point A to point B. Honestly, the toughest part about this craft was finding a suitable map. This would be a great way to remember a meaningful vacation, study-abroad trip or long distance trail hike and would look so sweet hanging amongst other frames on a mixed-media gallery wall.

What you’ll need:

– Map

– Embroidery Thread

– Embroidery Needle

– Frame

And how it all comes together:

– Find a suitable map and cut it to fit your frame. My map was torn from a book of U.S. maps that I found in a discount book bin.

– Sketch out the route and embellishments with a pencil (very lightly). I went with the route, an “X” at point A, a heart at point B and initials.

– Use your needle to poke evenly spaced holes over top of your sketch. Erase any visible pencil marks.

–  Sew through all your holes using a backstitch. (In layman’s terms–Start by threading the needle from the back of the paper through the second hole. Then insert the needle in the first hole and pull through the third. Etc. Clear as mud?)

map2   map3


-Frame and admire your handi-work!



DIY: Burlap Calendar


Recently, I decided to jazz up my desk at home in order to psychologically witch-craft myself into using it more often. I moved the desk next to a window for some natural light, hung some prints on the wall around it, and placed some pens in a pretty cup. One thing felt missing though…a simple, shabby-chic inspired calendar! I like this calendar DIY because you can write in the month/dates with dry erase (it’s framed in glass) and it can hang on the wall, gently reminding you of all your upcoming tasks. Here’s how to make your own—

What you’ll need:

– burlap

– ruler

– fine point Sharpie

– scissors

– square frame (with glass on top, not plastic)

– any little extra bits of cloth, stickers, ribbons, etc to take it to the next level

and how it all comes together:

– Cut a square of burlap so that it will fit in your chosen frame.

– Do a little measurement math and sketch out (probably with a pencil at first) the bones of your calendar. I chose to put a rectangle in the top right for writing in the Month and a large grid below it with 7 squares across and and 5 squares down to write in your days. Now, write the days of the week across the top of each square.

– Go over your outlines with a fine-tipped sharpie. The effect of Sharpie on burlap is pretty cool because it ends up looking like the outlines/writing have been stitched on. #crafthack

– Add some swag! I happened to have a bunch of those white/tan cloth stickers in my craft box so I put a few on to really up my Shabby-Chic game. Any cloth scraps cut into cool shapes would look super cute too.

– Frame that puppy up and stick it on your wall at home or in your office.

– Use dry-erase markers to write in the month and days (which I’ve done for April in the picture above) and all your important appointments (which I’ve yet to do in the picture above).

Yay! Crafting for the win….because this post was totes written at my cozy lil home desk. : )

DIY: Chalkboard Necklace


This is a super simple project to do on a lazy weekend afternoon. I made mine for myself because I like invoking Little House on the Prairie with my style choices. Why? I dont know. I have a weird obsession with the prairie, so sue me. If you’re not as into the Laura Ingalls look, this would make a great gift for the teachers in your life.

What you’ll need:

– a bezel pendant or some sort of charm that has a distinct frame around a flat surface

– a chain

– a spool of sweet ribbon

– chalkboard spray paint

– painter’s tape

– E-6000 glue

– chalk

and how it all comes together:

– Lay out some newspaper or those annoying circulars you get in the mail on the weekly that you really wish stores would stop sending you.

– Use your painter’s tape to completely tape over the frame portion of your charm. This will keep the chalkboard paint from getting on this part AND tape the charm down to the newspaper.

– If you’re not already outside or in a well-ventilated area, make your way there.

– Spray paint your charm with chalkboard paint following the directions on the can. You’ll probably want to apply 2-3 coats.

– After the can and common sense tells you the paint is dry, peel off the painter’s tape.

– Unspool a little bit of ribbon and tie it into a tiny bow.

– Use your E-6000 glue to affix the bow to the top of the charm. Press down hard and let this dry too.

– String the charm on to the chain.

– Draw a little something on your new teeny-tiny blackboard and wear immediately, place in a little jewelry bag with a piece of chalk and give it away, or tuck it in your “Christmas Box” to be doled out in time.


(top photo of Melissa Gilbert and Alison Arngrim on the set of Little House on the Prairie)