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A Whimsical Round-Up

Honestly feeling too tired today to do anything but Google whimsical woodland gentlemen. And wouldn’t it be a little selfish of me to NOT share my findings? Obvi.

Here are 5 items you should probably purchase if you, like me, low-key wanted to marry David the Gnome when you were little because his main form of transportation was a FOX and he slept in a cupboard!

David the Gnome Tea Towel – $8.00

The More You Gnome Zen Garden – $29.99

Gnome Planner Stickers – $2.75

Rolling With the Gnomies Mug – $14.99

Cheeky Gnome Wrapping Paper – 5 sheets for $15 

Now I really want to DIY a dupe for that gnome zen garden. Maybe Dollar Tree still has fairy garden accessories for sale.

Ok, time to return to productivity and the far-less-whimsical real world. But no need for you to do the same! In fact, go ahead and click the “David the Gnome” link up top. You’ll be rewarded with 26 episodes of gnome shenanigans! You’re welcome.

(Illustration by Rien Poortvliet.)

Hand-written notes.

stationery circle 1 and 2

stationery circle 3 and 4

stationery circle 5 and 6

Do you send hand-written notes? My mother and grandmother instilled in me from a young age the power of jotting down a few lines and sending them out in the post. They’re always so fun to receive. Such a simple glimpse into someone’s daily life but somehow so much more intimate than what we see when we scroll through Instagram or Facebook feeds. And so much more permanent! A few months ago I was looking through some old letters I received as a kid. I couldn’t believe my mom wrote me a letter from the public pool (!) while I was at sleep-away camp. Or that my grandma saved all her quarters in a jar so we could use them when we came up for the state fair. What sweet things to remember all these years later! I try my best these days to always send Thank You notes and I love mailing Christmas cards…sometimes birthday cards. But I’d like to do better with the “just because” notes. For inspiration I’ve been clicking around the stationery on Minted. Here are 6 (personalized) sets that might spark the need to put pen to paper!

Beaded Swag. 

Hello Friend.

Gilt Agate.

Wild Bellflowers.

Floral Bough.

Vine Monogram.

They each definitely have their own little personalities, don’t you think? I love the sunny cheerfulness of Beaded Swag but there’s something so sophisticated and bold about Gilt Agate. I would feel super classy sending that out to someone, haha! Which would YOU choose?