mid-week round-up

dandelion blowing

What are you up to this week? I had an amazing long weekend complete with sunshine, shopping trips, and even got to see my brother who was up from Savannah for a wedding. (The highlight was definitely this sandwich, though!) I’m excited for next weekend and what adventures it may hold! Oh, and if you’re in the area, drop by Good Foods Co-op this Friday…it’s our Kick Off Summer Event and it’s sure to be a spectacular time (as always!). Hope you have a good week, and now here are the links…

The price of nice nails. 

Food lessons from India.

What to cook in a drought.

Last minute take-along to your next pot-luck.

Brits react to American culture.

Genius invention.

Do you have attachment issues?

Packing tips for a city getaway!

No crying in baseball! Ok, maybe just a little…

New documentary reveals the artist under the feathers.

Genius empathy cards.

In case you’re planning a trip!

(Drought recipe article via Adam.)


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