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mid-week round-up

baby ducks

How’s it hanging, love-bugs? This time next week I’ll be in Lexington! I’m flying up a couple weeks before our wedding to finish out all the preparations while Chet stays behind to teach. The final count-down is upon us! Flying with my wedding dress makes me a tad anxious, I’ll be honest. But I’m SO excited to be back in Lexington for the first time in almost a year. In the meantime, there’s plenty of prep left to do here in SoFlo. And we’ll also be taking it easy just enjoying each other and quiet nights at home before the madness ensues! Hope your week is extra fun-filled, and here are a few links for your enjoyment…

No one is building the suburban homes Millennial buyers want.

10 ways to give your kids a 1970’s summer.

An inside look at Bulgaria’s controversial bride market.

Instagram hashtags to organically grow your following.

Kim Kardashian West: “Settling down allowed her to turn up.”

The polyamorous christian socialist utopia that made silverware for proper Americans.

How YouTube videos can help people cope with mental illness.

Licking intensified. (Reminds me of Wink.)

The mysterious vlogger who changed the internet.

A former crisis pregnancy center volunteer tells all.

Audrey Hepburn’s newly discovered love letters.

The 38 essential Miami restaurants.


mid-week round-up

dandelion blowing

What are you up to this week? I had an amazing long weekend complete with sunshine, shopping trips, and even got to see my brother who was up from Savannah for a wedding. (The highlight was definitely this sandwich, though!) I’m excited for next weekend and what adventures it may hold! Oh, and if you’re in the area, drop by Good Foods Co-op this Friday…it’s our Kick Off Summer Event and it’s sure to be a spectacular time (as always!). Hope you have a good week, and now here are the links…

The price of nice nails. 

Food lessons from India.

What to cook in a drought.

Last minute take-along to your next pot-luck.

Brits react to American culture.

Genius invention.

Do you have attachment issues?

Packing tips for a city getaway!

No crying in baseball! Ok, maybe just a little…

New documentary reveals the artist under the feathers.

Genius empathy cards.

In case you’re planning a trip!

(Drought recipe article via Adam.)