mid-week round-up

Hello friends! How’s your week so far? Today is my brother’s birthday! (Happy birthday, Andy!) This time next week I’ll be headed to Kentucky to spend a few days in Lexington and then I’m off to Bowling Green for the W.K.U. Summer Forensics Institute. Gotta start turning my attentions towards packing! In the mean time, do y’all have any fun 4th of July plans? I’d love to hear! And here are some links I’ve gathered just for YOU…

You are not an imposter. You belong here.

Growing up in a conservative Christian cult (like “The Handmaid’s Tale” but real life).

So glad this Lexington staple lives on!

Horse-riding librarians were the Great Depression’s bookmobiles.

Have you tried the new fruits + greens line from larabar? They’re really delish.

Everything Queen Elizabeth eats. (A post-brekky gin and Dubonnet? How regal!)

The 21 unwritten rules of flying you’re probably breaking.
“The only acceptable place to fart on a plane is when you are walking through first class on the way to coach.”

The perfect DIY to get you in BBQ season spirit!

On skipping wedding traditions.

For your next board game night!

Made me laugh.

P.S. Finding Delight posts you have missed — Are you a word nerd? and Our wedding reception.


2 thoughts on “mid-week round-up

  1. I wish everyone would learn some etiquette for flights as it’s sorely needed. I’ll never forget the worst flight of my life; I was literally praying because we flew through a horrible storm and I just knew our time had come. But it would have been a slightly less horrible experience had I not been sitting beside a guy who brought on a full meal of beans and rice and talked on his cell phone—yes, talked!—during takeoff then proceeded to play a game on it with the sound on, the whole way from Charlotte to Houston.

    1. Ugh! That sounds terrible! The last flight I was on I was seated next to a gentleman who INSISTED on keeping about a third of his body on my seat/designated space (and he wasn’t even that large!) I kept saying “excuse me” to try to gain back access but to no avail.

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