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mid-week round-up

We’ve made it to Wednesday, folks! If you’ve got a long weekend on the horizon you may find it a bit hard to focus these next few days. I hear ya! I’m hoping this weekend provides a lovely summer send-off. As for last weekend, we met our friend Chad in Nashville and attended a film festival. So fun! Do you have any end-of-summer plans coming up? Tell me below! xoxo

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P.S. A few Finding Delight posts you may have missed — A Pocket Letter Inspired by Children’s Book Illustrations and Gift Ideas for Dudes.

mid-week round-up


What are you up to this week? Last night, Chet and I were on a walk and got caught in a wild rainstorm. Those dark clouds can go from 0 to 100 down here in South Florida. Geeze Louise. Hoping for better weather this weekend so we can go on a Pokemon capturing adventure on FIU’s campus! Oh, I’ve also started a Finding Delight newsletter. (The first one went out last Friday!) They’re so much fun to create. I’d love if you’d SUBSCRIBE. You’ll receive an email on Fridays with links, videos, quotes, and MORE! Until then, enjoy the rest of your week, and here are a few fun internet goodies to tide you over…

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What’s your favorite mug?


So, this is a totally random post…but a while back my brother posted about his “mug hierarchy” on Twitter and I thought it was a hilarious concept. Let me explain. One or two mugs tend to turn into a collection of mugs without even trying. They’re super inexpensive so it’s hard to resist picking up and purchasing the ones you like. They’re also very popular presents (especially from those people who don’t know you super well — everyone needs a mug!) so the collection starts to grow even larger after the holiday season. And then add to that all the FREE mugs you harmlessly nab at conferences, work events, speech tournaments, and any number of situations where companies are trying to lure you with swag. Suddenly you have over a dozen mugs PER PERSON in your otherwise stream-lined kitchen.

hadley pottery

HOWEVER, even with a cupboard full of diverse options, my brother argues, there’s always those few favorites you find yourself consistently reaching for. Your mug hierarchy! If your favorite is dirty or in the dishwasher, you reach for your second favorite, then third favorite, and so on.

beauty and the beast mug

I found this to be SO TRUE. Do you do this too? Or is my family just weird? I snapped pictures of my current four favorites to show you guys.


The slate grey mug with the white mo-ped on it is from Starbucks. I got it a few years ago when my sister was a barista and I could use her sweet staff discount. I love the matte texture of this mug and it’s probably my number one go-to. The Florida mug is also from Starbucks and Chet got it for me for my birthday in honor of our move to The Sunshine State. The Hadley Pottery mug was a Christmas present from my mom a few years ago. She has a huge collection of Hadley Pottery and drinking from this one reminds me of my childhood. And The Beauty and the Beast mug ALSO reminds me of my childhood. I picked this little guy up at Habitat ReStore. It was a quarter and I couldn’t resist….see what I mean about mugs so easily getting out of hand!?!

Oh and here’s what the horse mug says when you’ve finished your morning cup of joe…


Yes, it really is the little things in life. Haha!

Those are the mugs I reach for every morning! What’s YOUR favorite mug? Do you have a mug hierarchy? Let me know!

mid-week round-up

wood pile

Hi y’all! Hope everyone impacted by Winter Storm Jonas enjoyed their snow days. We had a picnic lunch by the ocean on Saturday and I enjoyed snapping pictures to send to my home-bound snow bunnies up north. Heehee! A sun-spotted sea captain warned me that I could still get sun-burned in “this cold weather.” (It was 70 degrees.) Noted, sir. This week I’m enjoying working with the sliding door in my bedroom wide open and re-watching the first season of Downton Abbey in the evenings (I’ve finally convinced Chet to watch it!). Have a lovely rest of your week, and here are a dozen things for you to click on if you so desire…

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P.S. If you’re looking for a page-turner, I recently finished The Girl on the Train! So fast paced and gripping!

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