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mid-week round-up


Links to get you through your week, dolls. Keep paddlin’ up-river…the weekend is just ahead! ❤

I’ve always thought Elaine was the most “me” character on television.

Death and Facebook. 

Gossip Girl addresses feminism in Of Mice and Men.

Hilarious and perfect “WHOOPS!” reaction.

I love this song.

A letter to the girl who’s trying.


The first bastions of online dating explained.

Enhance your Lego collection with a day at the beach.

Explore a centuries worth of Gourmet recipes.

Miss Idaho’s go-to accessory.

(Image via Shiny Starr Light.)

Carol Rossetti’s colorful illustrations of female empowerment.


By now I’m sure you’ve seen these empowering illustrations by Carol Rossetti but I thought I’d share just in case. Rossetti, a graphic designer from Brazil, began posting these colorful gems on her Facebook page to highlight the stories of real women she’d encountered. She answers the oppression within each situation with encouragement. In this way, they serve as a sort of declaration of women’s corporeal autonomy. And I think they’re really rad.






Aren’t they wonderful? I’m totally obsessed. You can see the entire collection in her Facebook photo album here.