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I Have 5 Internal Monologue Responses to Every Social Media Post

Do you ever mindlessly scroll through social media at the end of a long day? It’s a habit I’m desperately trying to break (that’s a post for another day), yet a black hole I fall into far too often.

While I flick my phone upwards on my cell screen, all the posts I pause long enough to really consider seem to illicit one of five responses…


As in, I don’t get it. 

lol whut?

As in, this is ridiculous. 


As in, why did this need to be put on the internet? 


As in, deeply relateable content. 


As in, this post deserves a round of applause!

I’ve really been considering deleting my Facebook. I never post on that platform anymore and there is just so. much. nonsense. But now I’m thinking maybe I’ll unfollow everybody but the “same” and YAS!!!” posters? (Maybe the lol whut’s can stay too…)

Perhaps this will become my rule of thumb across ALL my social media platforms! 

How do you find your brain engages with social media? Does your internal response to certain posts govern how you choose to interact with certain platforms or accounts? Have you deleted social media and lived to tell the tale? What about a massive social media decluttering? I’d love to hear!

mid-week round-up


Links to get you through your week, dolls. Keep paddlin’ up-river…the weekend is just ahead! ❤

I’ve always thought Elaine was the most “me” character on television.

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Explore a centuries worth of Gourmet recipes.

Miss Idaho’s go-to accessory.

(Image via Shiny Starr Light.)

mid-week round-up


Hello friends! I can’t believe it’s already Wednesday again. Summer is flying by! And can we talk about this weather? Summer Polar Vortex? Mayhaps for those more northern states! Down here, a girl could get use to these moderate summer climes. It was even more magnificent yesterday being by a body of water–even if it WAS just the Ohio River. ; ) The breeze and sunshine were a perfect accompaniment to lunch on a restaurant’s deck as well as a walk across the pedestrian bridge into Cincinnati’s river park. Have you been taking advantage of the lovely weather and exploring outside? I hope! But now you have my permission to take a quick break, veg out on the couch and check out these links.

“Nothing grows people like love.” 

Jenny Lewis gender bends.

I saw this movie last week and it was effing insane but you should totes see it.

My favorite bad yogi helps fix common pose mistakes.

Nicki gets it. 

An enlightening interview with David Graeber.

Made me laugh. 

A very fancy mashup.

I love these 2 German gals and their zero waste supermarket!

I wish I had one of these dresses in every pattern.

SMH at the weird reality of our past.

Looking to start a Dark Comedy Film Club? This list has you covered for the next year!

Thanks for stopping by my little corner of the web. Have any links your loving that you think I should check out?! Feel free to leave ’em in the comments below! Have a lovely rest of your week.