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mid-week round-up

What are you up to this week? Friday is my birthday!!! I’ve requested Cincinnati chili for dinner, and I think we’ll try to hit up an apple orchard/pumpkin patch situation this weekend. (Has anyone ever made a pumpkin pie with an actual pumpkin? Chet wants to give it a go but it seems rather daunting, lol.) Happy MY birthday to all of you, and here are a few links for your perusal…

Remember the ’80s, when men preferred Hanes and could legally rape their wives?

How to dress like a celebrity.

On my Christmas wishlist.

Are cities making animals smarter?

These would be cute in a kitchen or breakfast nook.

Learning to live small (in a dumpster).

Misty Copeland is pirouetting her way to Disney fame.

An off-the-grid London community is protesting Heathrow’s third runway.

Lost Appalachian burial customs.

A novel about a missing girl and a Serial-like podcast seeking answers.

The simple requests of the McDonald’s anti-sexual harassment protests.

The rise of Catherine de’ Medici.

and episode 5 of Uncovered the Podcast (featuring theories about Avril Lavigne’s clone and my favorite Elvis sightings!)

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My Birthday Book & Movie Haul

In case you can’t tell by the title of this post, I recently had a birthday! Just last week, in fact. I was blessed with some amazing gifts (like this beautiful bar cart from Chet and a huge box of Gilmore Girls themed coffee from my mom!).

But my favorite way to treat MYSELF for my birthday is to pick up whatever book(s) and movie(s) I feel like! Usually I’ll talk myself out of book and movie purchases because of a little thing called the library and another little thing called Netflix. On my birthday though? Well – I deserve it! 🙂

Here’s what I picked up:


Stephen King’s IT

Who doesn’t love watching a scary movie (or three or four) in October? I still really want to see the new version but I mean c’mon! So many famous faces in this one. Including, but not limited to, John-Boy from The Waltons sporting a rad early 90’s ponytail.

The Edge of Seventeen

This movie looked reminiscent of two of my favorite coming-of-age flicks – Cheaters and Juno…and the back cover likens it to a modern day The Breakfast Club (another fave!) – so I was all in. Plus, I love Woody Harrelson!


You Are Not So Smart: Why You Have Too Many Friends On Facebook, Why Your Memory is Mostly Fiction, and 46 Other Ways You’re Deluding Yourself by David McRaney

Since I left the world of speech & debate, and no longer sit through tons of informative speeches every weekend, my annual dose of pop psychology has drastically diminished. This looked like an interesting and fun way to rectify the situation. I’m excited to dig in!

Blindness by Jose Saramago

Saramago was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1998 so this book seemed like a good bet. 😉 The subject matter, a city hit by an epidemic of “white blindness,” reminded me a little bit of Station Eleven. Not to mention it won a ton of awards and received rave reviews! So, although it’s not a book I would normally gravitate to, I couldn’t resist.

Which of these interests you most? Have you bought any books or movies for yourself lately? I’d love to hear!

A Very Beach-y Birthday!


Hope you had a great weekend! Here are a few pictures from when we celebrated my birthday (LAST weekend), if you’re interested. Above is the view out to sea from Homestead Bayfront Park, my new favorite place on the planet!


We drove down to this little gem first thing on my birthday celebration day. (I was sipping on a tumbler of hot coffee when we first set up camp on the little beach.) The park features a marina, tons of fishing spots, picnic places galore, and an atoll pool with a sandy beach. We spent the morning and early afternoon soaking up some sun and floating in the restorative salt water.


I love the park’s quirky features, like this colorful sign (It’s all so close!!) and the decorated lifeguard huts.

bayfront view

It’s the perfect place to spend a whole day–I can’t wait to go back again and again! (Maybe with a penny board or some fishing poles…) And you can’t argue with views like this one.

la playa grill menu

After we had our fill of beach lounging, we dusted off our sandy limbs and headed up to La Playa Grill, which overlooks the atoll pool and the ocean beyond. We ordered up a couple coronas…

fish and chips

and I munched on this AMAZING order of Fish and Chips (with tropical cole slaw!). Chet had a Playa Burger which he said was one of the best burgers he’s ever had! Full and happy we left Homestead and headed back to Miami to run a few errands and prepare for the next fantastic meal my birthday had in store for us!

crawfish potato

A few weeks prior, I jokingly requested Crawfish Etouffee Potatoes for my birthday meal knowing full well we wouldn’t be able to find crawfish in Miami. But lo and behold! Crawfish showed up at our front door just in time! Chet had them shipped (in a styrofoam cooler packed with dry ice) from Louisiana. You might remember my love affair with this particular dish began on my birthday last year! It is the thing that dreams are made of.

birthday cake

We rounded out the celebrations with Nutella birthday cake and a glass of Pinot Grigio. I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day or a better way to ring in my 30th year.

P.S. I can’t resist giving you a peak at the WONDERFUL presents I received! Aren’t they glorious?! I am the luckiest! (The book “When We Were Romans” and the docu “Surfwise” were presents to myself because #treatyoself.)


P.S. 50 facts on my birthday and Chet’s birthday (when HE surprised ME!).