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mid-week round-up

Hope everyone had a SPOOKTACULAR Halloween! I didn’t dress up as anything this year OR hand out candy (we haven’t gotten any beggars the last 2 years)… I know, I know, I’m basically a Halloween Scrooge. Not to mention, I’m not doing sugar at the moment so scarfing a few fun-sized Snickers isn’t even in the cards! At least I did a little Halloween craftin’ and hung up fun decor. Hope you enjoy the rest of your week (Can you believe it’s November??), and here are some links for you to check out…

A perfect 30 piece, Fall capsule wardrobe. (Just clothes.)

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Anthony Rapp says women speaking out about sexual misconduct in the entertainment industry has compelled him to come forward about an Oscar winner.

Finally, proof that Sister Act is a bi-racial lesbian rom-com!

Wouldn’t you love to tote this glitter bomb to the gym?

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Famous historical witch hunts.

Adding this show to my Netflix queue.

Forget sweater weather. What about hoodie weather!

An interview with Nikole Hannah-Jones about the persistence of segregation in American life.

Yale senior tells heartbreaking story of accidentally turning her dad in to ICE.

A catfishing story with a happy ending!

Perfect for all your Fall manis.

Here’s what a 1974 wedding would cost in 2017 dollars.

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mid-week round-up

fall colors

What’s everyone up to this week? My birthday was Monday, and I was so happy to celebrate on Sunday with a trip to the beach, delicious seafood, and a Nutella birthday cake. As an October baby from a land-locked state, I never thought I’d be in the ocean on my birthday! It was crazy exciting! Thank you to all my friends and family for sending their love on my special day and of course to Chet for making my birthday, and every day, a wonderful adventure. It’s gonna be a good year! As always, I hope the rest of your week is full of fun and here are some links for today’s enjoyment…

Modern day witch-hunts are just as unnerving as their predecessors.

Wouldn’t you love gazing at this print in the dead of winter?


The 10 piece wardrobe.

Don’t be fooled by “healthy” packaging.

I rather enjoyed dissection lessons in science class but I still love the knitted approach!

Can’t stop listening to Yeezer — the Kanye / Weezer masterful mash-up.

A colorful D.I.Y. to dress up your front door.

A call for quotas on Pakistan’s female med students.

Kentucky farmers tries to bring back the pigs of yesteryear.

Time to stock up on Tiger Balm! 

Another delicious way to get some pumpkin spice in your mug.

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