My 10-Day Ballet Challenge

10 day FREE ballet challenge

I’m so excited to share this workout challenge with you guys! I’ve LOVED participating in various 30-day yoga challenges over the last couple years. I thought it might be fun to make a challenge of my own (using free online workouts of course) for another type of exercise I quite enjoy — BALLET!

It might sound strange, but those yoga challenges bring me a lot of joy.
a) I don’t have to think about what workout to complete on any given day.
b) Committing to something for a specified period of time, even to myself, means I’m way more likely to follow through.
c) The results are usually pretty nice.
d) I love that yummy feeling you get after completing a challenge you set for yourself.

With those 4 joy-inducing items in mind, I added a 10-day ballet challenge to my FIND MORE DELIGHT LIST. And Monday I’m kicking things off!

Here’s how things will shake down if you’re interested (or if you feel like tackling a ballet challenge of your own!!! plz dooo!)…

Day One

Adult Ballet Barre by Ballerinas by Night

Day Two

15min BALLET WORKOUT by Sarahs DayArms Exercises With Theraband by Lazy Dancer Tips

Day Three

Pre Ballet Class Feet Strengthening Routine  Easy Ballet Barre Workout both by Kathryn Morgan

Day Four

Classical Ballet Barre with Centre by Lazy Dancer Tips

Day Five

New York City Ballet Workout I designed by Peter Martins

Day Six

Arms Exercises with Theraband Relax & Stretch both by Lazy Dancer Tips

Day Seven

Ballet Barre for Balance & Core by Kathryn Morgan

Day Eight

Beginners Ballet by PsycheTruth

Day Nine

Classical Full Ballet Barre by Lazy Dancer Tips

Day Ten

New York City Ballet Workout II designed by Peter Martins

And there you have it! I’ll definitely let you know how it goes…Until then, WISH ME LUCK!

Have you ever done a workout challenge like this one (or the Yoga with Adriene 30 day challenges)? Love ’em or hate ’em? How do you stay motivated to exercise? Let me know! 

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P.P.S. If you’ve ever avoided clicking that “share” button, felt that sharing your message online was too much work or you haven’t been sure where to start, LET’S CHAT!


16 thoughts on “My 10-Day Ballet Challenge

  1. This is so awesome! I love all the workout challenges I’ve been seeing through social media – gets people so awesome and inspired. I’ve never actually done ballet before. I don’t think my feet are actually capable of moving the way they’re supposed to. I’m far from elegant! Haha.

  2. Hmmm…never tried a ballet challenge. Sounds like you created a great workout for yourself 🙂 I’m old school and still like step aerobics…lol.

  3. Thank you so much for sharing this! I am always looking for new challenges for my girls to work on. I coach a competitive gymnastics team and this is right up there alley. Can’t wait to share it with them next week!

  4. Let me share this with my daughter. Learning to dance the ballet was her biggest dream as a child. We could not afford ballet lessons back in the day. So maybe now, even if she is an adult (and a mommy herself), she can get a feel of how it is to learn to dance the ballet and get a workout as well.

  5. How much fun! I was a ballerina through college and used to love this stuff.

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