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Wedding Dress Vote!

wedding dress candidates

Hey friends! So with my wedding just a little over four months away I figure it is probably time to buckle down and find my wedding dress. The only problem? I’m literally the most indecisive person on planet Earth. Especially when it comes to buying clothes. And EVEN MORE especially when it comes to buying clothes that are more than 20 bucks.

Since getting engaged, I’ve kept an eye on a few of my favorite websites and took note of the recurring elements that sent my mouse darting for the bookmark button. I know I want a short, vintage-inspired dress with some lace elements. I’m not too picky about the shade of white. I like a more structured silhouette with classic, flattering lines. And I don’t want anything strapless because I know my life and I would just spend the whole time hoisting it up. And faffing with your clothes is just never a good look.

Based on those specifications, I patrolled the interwebs, and have settled on my EIGHT FAVORITES.  (I know, I know. 8 is still a lot but I TOLD you I was indecisive!) While each of these dresses tick all my boxes, they’re all still quite different. And I like them for completely different reasons! So, I’d LOVE your opinion. Want a closer look?

1. ModCloth Perfected Prestige Dress 

The overlay on this one is very unique. I like the shape of the dress and think it would be quite comfortable in the Kentucky July heat.

wedding dress 1

2. ModCloth Beyond the Bells Dress

I love the detailing in this one! The skirt maintains a structured shape with that subtle side gathering while the top is lovely left loose and boho-inspired.

wedding dress 2

3. Ralph Lauren Embroidered Lace Sheath Dress

This one is definitely the most simple of the 8 but there’s something really elegant about it. I love the straight across neckline and the dainty, barely-capped sleeves.

wedding dress 3

4. Eliza J Bell Sleeve Fit & Flare Dress

Hello 70’s vibes! This one may be a tad wild but the white makes the lace pattern appear more playful than bold and who doesn’t love an excuse for a bell sleeve?

wedding dress 4

5. Adrianna Papell Lace Fit & Flare Dress

How beautiful would this be paired with some simple ballet flats and a huge bunch of colorful wildflowers? I’ve always had a thing for all things prairie-inspired and I think this dress fits that bill quite nicely.

wedding dress 5

6. BHLDN Hadley Dress

The intricate lace pattern makes this one look just a smidge more sophisticated than the rest. I would wear classic and simple accessories  and let the dress itself do all the outfit talking.

wedding dress 6

7. J. Crew Natalia Dress in Leavers Lace

This one would fit in splendidly amongst the art and giant windows at our gallery wedding venue. I love that the dress is short in length while the shape and sleeves play little eye-tricks to elongate.

wedding dress 7

8. J. Crew Elsa Dress in Leavers Lace

The shape of this dress may well be my favorite. The structure would help me rock the look with confidence while the look of the lace and the sweet sleeves would add softness and romance.

wedding dress 8

So, now that you’ve seen my favorites, would you pretty please weigh in with your opinions??? You can cast a vote using the poll below and leave any further thoughts in the comment section. Thank you so much for your help!!!!




Pinterest, Mason Jars, and Wedding Planning

glass jars

While I don’t plan on being one of those brides who makes herself crazy trying to achieve every last wedding detail she pinned on Pinterest, I just can’t help but to love a good mason jar decor project. If it pops up, I’m pinnin’ it. Now I know you might be thinking this skews a little #basic and a little #typical but listen… I’m a vAAAAry early adopter of the mason jar. I’m talking getting vintage ones for Christmas when I was in elementary school early. So. You’re lucky I don’t plan on walking down the aisle covered in them. Instead, I’ll just pin a bunch of DIY tutorials to my wedding board, very few of which will I actually have the time or wherewithal to complete, and we shall end up with appropriate levels of mason jar accouterments. (The Lord finds a way.)

Of the projects I’ve come across I think one I will make the effort to complete is a Wedding Wish Jar. Here are a few tutorials…

wedding wish jar 1

This tutorial from Yesterday on a Tuesday includes free mason jar printables! I probably wouldn’t go for the glitter though.

wedding wish jar 2

This Wedding Wish Jar DIY from The Cottage Market is sweet, simple, and freakin’ adorable.

wedding wish jar 3

Guest Book alternative from Confetti Daydreams. Not a mason jar but I love the gold and the hand-lettering inspiration.

Or for less than 30 bucks, I can just buy one already made. Because if there’s one thing you can count on — if there’s a way to capitalize on Pinterest, Mason Jar, Wedding Planning mania — someone is out there doing it.

wedding wish jar 4

Alternatively, I can skip the mason’s all together and go for JENGA! Damnit Pinterest! You’re killin’ me.

Wanna find out how many mason jars I can pin between now and July? Follow me on Pinterest here

mid-week round-up

arch door

Happy Wednesday! What have you been doing this week? I just got back last night from a whirl-wind trip to Tampa, by way of train, to see my sister’s musical. She not only rocked the stage as the leading lady but she also wrote the whole thing! I was so proud. And it was great to see her and my mom. We got to enjoy some lovely catch-up time over coffee and brunch. The journey was super fun, too. I find train travel so much more relaxing than airplanes. And way more leg room! Have you traveled by train recently? Hope you have a lovely week, and enjoy the following round-up of links…

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