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mid-week round-up

windshield view

I hope everyone is having a great week! Did you do anything fun over the weekend? On Saturday, Chet and I went to Arcade Odyssey and Tropical Park! I like the older games at the arcade–pinball, Tapper, Burger Time. We had never been to Tropical Park before, but as with all the parks we’ve encountered in Miami it was well maintained and lots of fun. I hope all the Mamas out there enjoyed their special day on Sunday! Now, let’s talk links! There’s a lot of long-form this week so grab a cup of tea and get comfortable…

I will literally read any article written about Mt. Everest.

A fascinating look at these famous sisters. (I had no idea about most of these details!)

bell hooks on Beyonce’s Lemonade

If you’ve seen the FX drama The Americans then you’ll love this article.

Freezer meals!

My favorite beauty blogger/YouTuber opens up about her 9 to 5.

Star Wars and Civil War medicine.

What to watch on Netflix this month.

Is Britney Spears ready to stand on her own?

A super easy weeknight dinner. (I made them the other night and they were delish!)

Monica Lewinsky turns her dark time into a force for good.

The right and wrong way to load a dishwasher.

Binge-Worthy TV Shows


Emmy Nominations Snubs Surprises

master of none

man in the high castle

making a murderer

Do you binge watch TV shows? Or do you tune in live each week to catch your favorite programs on cable? I’m definitely more the former. I love getting to watch an episode or two (or three…or four….) of the same show each day. It is just so satisfying to click “next” when you run head first into a cliffhanger. But on the flip side, after totally immersing yourself in another world, it sucks just a bit more when you suddenly find you’ve come to the end of a series. (Have you seen this Portlandia sketch?)

The first time I really remember binge watching was when I was home for the summer after my sophomore year of college. My sister and mom were on a trip through Europe, I was baby-sitting in the mornings and cashiering later in the day. When I came home each day, exhausted, to an empty house, there was nothing better than pounding through episodes of Gilmore Girls on DVD. The next year, my room-mates had several seasons of Grey’s Anatomy. When I wasn’t spending the weekend at a speech tournament, I could curl up with my laptop and episode after episode of hospital drama.

After that Netflix really started to catch on and the rest is binge watching history!

Chet and I actually started to hang out regularly when a group of our friends was binge watching Mad Men every night. (There was one day I literally don’t think we saw the sun because we watched so many episodes.)

But even during a stint without Netflix, or internet for that matter, I managed to watch 8 seasons of McLeod’s Daughters by checking it out, disc by disc, from the public library. Unfortunately, that was more of a solo venture as it can be a bit tough to convince people to commit to an Australian soap opera about female ranchers.

Lately, our forays into TV viewing have been knocking it out of the park! If you’re looking for some binge-worthy shows, I would highly recommend the last few we’ve watched, including;


The Americans,

Master of None,

Man in the High Castle, and

Making a Murderer.

What have YOU been binge watching lately? Have you seen any of the shows listed above? What did you think? Comment below! 

mid-week round-up

rocky surf

How is everyone doing this week? Not loving all these rainy days we’ve been getting! It’s definitely warm enough for the pool so why can’t the sun just peek out a little bit! Oh well, I guess this is what Fall in Florida is like. Anyways, the threat of rain inspired us to go to the art museum the other day so I can’t complain TOO much. The exhibits were beautiful! Also, did anyone watch the So You Think You Can Dance finale? This was such a good season!!! I think I’ve successfully convinced Chet that we will be replacing it in our weekly line-up with Dancing With the Stars (which just started on Monday). I’ve only caught bits and pieces of this show over the years but I’m ready to dive in. The “stars” this year look nuts! Hope the rest of your week brings you lots of happiness, and here are a few links for you to enjoy today…

Joni Mitchell’s breakfast of champions.

I’m a Samantha with a touch of Molly. You?

I suddenly want to add a cute kitten to my desk set-up.

Traveling abroad on a budget.

The business of funerals is no longer a male-dominated industry.

I can’t stop watching Casey Neistat movies.

And speaking of movies, here’s an enthralling Vice News piece on schoolgirls for sale in Japan.

I would very happily eat these school lunches.

Netlix recommendations so you can curl up and watch when the weather turns yucky.

BRB, off to convince Chet that we need to make mini no-knead pizzas for Pizza Friday.