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mid-week round-up

Hello there! How’s your week so far? Chet and I finished watching season 7 of Shameless, and are happily making preparations for a mini-vacay to Delray Beach. Also, I got my oil changed this week. Is it weird how much I love drive-thru car maintenance? (It’s just so convenient to stay in your car!) Hope the rest of your week is as awesome as you, and here are a few links for your Wednesday enjoyment…

Mini home makeovers that won’t break the bank.

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20 dinners you can meal prep on Sundays.

The one thing that even CHEAP vodka is good for.

Fashion, faith, and the feminization of Catholic Ireland.
“The material culture of girls’ lives — particularly what they wore, and what that meant — can reveal much about their surprising agency in the patriarchal past. First Communion dresses, past and present, reflect status, wealth, and a commitment to faith, but they also tell us much more. They remind us not to dismiss as ridiculous or frivolous the material lives of girls and women.”

The sleazy and spectacular history of malt liquor.

I’ve been wanting to get more creative with essential oils. These blends seem like a good place to start!

Have you had Big Easy Bucha? I’m obsessed.

Guy reports co-worker to HR because her period made him “uncomfortable.”

Pet brothers from other mothers!!

Microsoft Paint, used throughout childhoods since the 1980’s, has been marked for death.

A warning, a crusade, and a public reckoning at the University of Florida.

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Mini Pigs!!!


I frequently daydream about hypothetical pets. Do any of you do this? (I might just be a big weirdo.) I think about having a boxer named Bradley (Brad for short) and a husky named Adelaide–both girls, the former named for a Hey Dude! character, the latter a city in Australia. I think about having a slew of goats who would get in trees and assist me in starting some sort of fun cottage industry. I think about turtles and guinea pigs and baby ducklings. But my number one favorite pet fantasy is that of the mini pig. I’ve been coveting one of these lil swines for nigh on a lifetime it feels like. Which is why, when I saw this family’s story about choosing a pig as a pet, I LOST. MY. DAMN. MIND.






Gah, don’t you just want a little Bacon Bit to call your own? For now, in  my little one bedroom apartment in the urb-burb of Chevy Chase, I shall be content with my one ACTUAL pet–Wink Moonshine Berger. He is all I can handle for now. But some day… *exits stage left to plan pig Halloween costumes and bedazzled carrying crates*