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Etsy Store Swoon: Clare Elsaesser

These are a few of my favorite prints from the fantastic Etsy shop, which I’ve been swooning over for weeks — Clare Elsaesser. The women floating through or wading into water and carrying armloads of colorful flowers give the paintings a beautiful ethereal quality. But the little details, like a messy top knot or a polka dot print, combined with the obstructed face, make it seem as though these portraits could be anyone. Does that make sense? Wouldn’t you love to hang one in your home? I’m obsessed.

Print 1 // Print 2 // Print 3 // Print 4 // Print 5


100 abandoned houses.

abandoned house 1

Photographer Kevin Bauman began capturing abandonment in his hometown of Detroit, Michigan in the 90’s as a means of creative expression, but as the economy continued to plummet Bauman’s curiosity caused him to continue. The 100 Abandoned Houses project sheds light on the downfall of one American city and the physical buildings left behind. Bauman notes, “100 seemed like a lot, although the number of abandoned houses in Detroit is more like 12,000.” You can purchase prints from the series on the project website and I kind of think they would make a hauntingly gorgeous addition to anyone’s art collection.

abandoned house 2

abandoned house 3


(Photos by Kevin Bauman)