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The Smart Spend: Choosing The Right Options When You’re Making a Large Purchase

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Making a large purchase is always a daunting process. Even when you have a strong idea of what you’d like to buy, most people will feel some degree of stress when they’re considering where best to place their spending. Thankfully, there are loads of online tools that can help you to overcome challenges like this one. To give you an idea of where to start, this post will be exploring a smart process to go through whenever you’re buying an expensive product.

Gathering Your Options

The first stage in this process is going to involve gathering up all the options you must weigh. Creating a spreadsheet with links, prices, and the name of each product will take a little bit of time, but will make it much easier for you to compare them later on. It can be tricky to find all of the available options when you’re looking for products, but you can usually overcome this by looking at blog posts and other content that reviews and compares items. Alongside this, if you’re really struggling, you could also ask on forums and other online communities for advice or alternatives to the options you’ve already listed. Get all options on your spreadsheet.

Reviews & Information

Once you have a list of the most promising options available, it is time to start looking at specific reviews for each. For example, if you were looking for a diamond ring to propose to your other half, you could try this Ritani review to give yourself an idea of the quality of the products from this brand. You should do this for each of the items on your list.

Collecting the right information at this stage will also be key. As you look at the features of the items on your list, you will quickly develop an idea of what you’re looking for, and this will enable you to create another list. This list will comprise of features that are essential and those that you can live without, setting the stage for the next step in the buying process.

The Comparison

With an idea of how well-reviewed a product is and a list of the most crucial features, it should be nice and easy to assess and compare it with your alternatives. By rearranging your list to prioritize those that have the most essential features, you will be able to see which ones best meet your needs. Of course, you’ll also have to think about the price you’re paying, but this should make it nice and easy to isolate the option that will give you the best value you for money. This is much easier than just looking at a bunch of sales pages online and hoping you pick right.

With all of this in mind, you should be feeling ready to take on the challenge of choosing the right options when you’re making a large purchase. It’s all too easy to fall into the trap of making mistakes as you go through this process, and a lot of people find themselves buying the wrong items when they don’t assess the market well enough. What tips would you add?

Found! The Perfect Striped Dresses for Spring

It’s Friday! To celebrate the end of the work week, let’s do a bit of online window shopping, shall we? I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect dress for spring and my eyes keep getting pulled in the direction of stripes. There are so many options that are colorful, airy, and fun…and the stripes feel a little less expected than a floral print. What do you think? What prints are you feeling drawn to this spring?

If you’re in the market for a STRIPED DRESS, here are 5 options I found from one of my favorite online shops, Lulus

Option 1

Brooklin Pink Multi Striped Button Front Mini Dress

Option 2 – 

Sun-Shiny Red Rainbow Striped Midi Dress

Option 3 – 

Binx Green Striped Short Sleeve Shirt Dress

Option 4 – 

Peppermint Green Striped Shirt Dress

Option 5 – 

Kersee Olive Green and White Striped Midi Shirt Dress

Which would YOU choose? xoxo

Round Up: Throw Pillows

A new season is nigh! And if you’re anything like me, new seasons have you jonesing for a home decor switcheroo.

This call toward updated interiors is especially strong for me in the transition from winter to spring. Something about the temperatures rising, the days getting longer, and hearing birds chirping outside my window every morning makes me want to throw open the curtains a la Cinderella and get to work redoing my whole home with pretty colors, lighter fabrics, and dainty decor.

Unfortunately, I only want to spend a Cinderella budget on these updates (and I don’t have any adorable mice to help me)…so I’m always on the lookout for home decor pieces that pack a big visual punch without a big price tag. One of my favorite items for this? Throw pillows! Obviously we can’t change out our sofas for spring or buy brand new bed clothes every year…but pop a few new pillows around the home and VOILA! These pieces have a brand new look.

Below, I’ve scouted a few of my favorites…

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 // 9

Which would you choose?

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My 3 Wardrobe #LifeHacks for Unique Style on a Budget

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Creating your own unique style can be hard to do, especially when you’re on a budget.

For a lot of us out there, we have droves and droves of clothes piles, but still feel like we have nothing to wear. However, without the bank account to replace these tired duds, the idea of throwing ’em all out to start anew doesn’t seem in the cards. 

A massive wardrobe overhaul takes time and effort, not to mention some serious dough! So if you want to create a new and unique style on a budget, here’s the advice you’ve been looking for.

Don’t Be Afraid to Cut and Chop

When you’ve got some clothes stuck right at the back of your wardrobe that you haven’t worn in a very long time, it’s time to scoop them out and start restyling them for the current era. So whether you’ve got a pair of flared jeans you know wouldn’t be seen outside of 2008, or an old cardigan you know you wouldn’t even want your grandmother to wear, research ways to re-purpose.

Turn a tired tee into a comfortable dress. Cut the flares off of those jeans and re-hem them into the cropped, ankle-length style everyone’s been lovin’ this season. 

Shop Online

Shopping online offers you the variety and choice you won’t get when pounding the pavement. Not to mention, clicking around is WAY faster.

Check out vintage Etsy shops or vintage style pieces from ModCloth, whole shops dedicated to one kind of style or genre, or custom services like the one that can be found here. A few original pieces will go a long way when rebooting your style.

Focus on Accessories

Any tired and old wardrobe can be made to feel unique again with the addition of a new bag or pair of shoes. And a jewelry box is a lot cheaper to update than a whole closet. Invest in a few current accessory trends and you’ll be amazed at how refreshed your look will feel — especially when you pair these new pieces with classic wardrobe staples

Lately I’ve been loving Le Tote as a way to keep my accessories up-to-date without having to worry about what to buy. I just get a new accessory each time they send me a box, I wear it a few times, then send it back! [Click here for a free tote.]

But I want to hear from you! Do you have a ton of clothes but still find yourself wanting an updated style? How do you create a unique wardrobe on a budget? Tell us in the comments so we can learn from you!

P.S. Check out my 4 week plan to DITCH FAST FASHION!


Cheeky Etsy Finds

Sometimes I stumble upon some real gems when perusing the hallowed pages of Etsy.com. I swear with just a SMIDGE less self-control I could blow my whole paycheck. Check out these recent cheeky favorites…


A wall hanging with an important reminder for all.

mark twain bike tee

A t-shirt for folks brave enough to navigate on 2 wheels.

breaking bad cutting board

A cutting board for serious cooks and Netflix binge watchers.

bad ass bitch candle

A candle for the lady who DGAF but still wants a pretty smelling room.

fox necklace

A sweet fox necklace for a love-sick babe’s darling neck.