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mid-week round-up

What are you up to this week? Are you experiencing cold weather? We woke up to snow yesterday morning. SNOW! Quite the sight here in Alabama. I’m all too happy to bust out our faux fire place, fleece blankets, and soup ingredients. Hope you’re having a warm & cozy evening wherever you are, and now here are some links to hunker down and read…

Ummm…*tearjerker alert*.

This cold snap means PASS THE SOUP!

Recent episodes of Survivor have tackled race and gender as never before.

The holiday marketing mistakes you should avoid in 2019.

Is it time for a new job? Here’s what to look out for.

This woman uses her hijab to turn herself into pop culture characters. (Stunning!)

Ricky Gervais is returning for a fifth stint as Golden Globes host. Thoughts?

Excited to read this memoir, out in February 2020.

Ethan Hawke over here being the best dad.

Free college can work. Here are 2 examples.

The world according to Phoebe Waller-Bridge.

Tempted to buy (and fill!) this for MYSELF!

P.S. A few Finding Delight posts you may have missed — Photo Diary: Everglades Adventure and A College English Teacher’s Take on Last Chance U.

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mid-week round-up


What are you up to this week? As you know, I’m still riding high from my recent vacation. I also got to attend Big Blue Madness last Friday and watch the UK Basketball team practice and whatWHAT?! Drake was there! As for this week? I’m excited for all things fall! Walks in cozy sweaters, evening TV marathons with a blanket and a pumpkin candle, I even concocted a pumpkin pie smoothie this weekend that I’m eager to recreate. Isn’t Fall such a gloomy-in-a-good-way season? Sort of nostalgic and broody. I keep thinking of this line from an Andrea Gibson poem…

“Autumn is the hardest season. The leaves are all falling, and they’re
falling like
they’re falling in love with the ground.” 

Anywho, enjoy an appropriately autumnal week, and here are some links for you to enjoy…

Pete Campbell’s tiny home creation.

and speaking of tiny homes–wouldn’t this one make a killer backyard office?

Gorgeous hand-painted bowl.

I love this company and their mission.

This movie, based on a book by Jane Hawking, looks like a must-see.

An important reminder to honor life when everyone is focusing on death.

The first bus session from Nicki Bluhm and The Gramblers (I’m obsessed with their van sessions.)

A quick and easy hair-do tutorial.

Creative batch cooking.

This would totally be my Halloween costume if it wasn’t sold out. : (

Whoopi got there first but still worth a watch, lol.

Very interesting look into the life of a museum professional.

Escape from the Quiverfull movement.


Yesterday, I read an excerpt from Vyckie Garrison’s remarks to American Atheists about her escape from the oppressive confines of the Quiverfull movement. Much like reality TV’s Duggar family, Garrison belonged to a devout Christian family, their values informed by literalist interpretations of scripture.

The Quiverfull movement is comprised of fundamentalist families who aim to live the biblical model of marriage and child bearing/rearing. The Bible dictates that children are blessings–“As arrows in the hand of the mighty man, so are the children of ones youth, happy is the man who hath his quiver full of them.” Quiverfull couples leave family planning in the Lord’s hands and women willingly remain pregnant, nursing or both for the majority of their adult lives.

As Garrison explains:

“Probably the most recognizable and influential Quiverfull family in America is reality TV’s Duggar Family of “Way Too Many and Counting” fame. But unlike fundamentalist Mormons who tend to congregate in just a few places in Utah, Arizona, Texas, etc., you will find Quiverfull families in nearly all types of churches in every community. This is because Quiverfull is not a denomination, with a creed to sign and a church to join. And it’s not technically a cult in the strict sense of having one central leader … instead, Quiverfull is a mindset (a very powerful head trip) in which each family becomes a cult unto itself with Daddy enshrined as the supreme Patriarch.”


“So this was about political domination. The whole point of having a quiver full of babies is to … out-populate the “enemy,” … that would be all of you; and to shoot those many arrows “straight into the heart of the enemy.” And by that, we meant that our children would grow up to be leaders in all the major institutions of our society. This was our plan for taking back America for God. So the children were like arrows (which is the ammunition) in God’s holy war.”

Garrison goes on to share how, while she initially did not have the language to identify her lifestyle as abusive, her exposure to a “Power and Control Wheel” helped her identify the ways in which she had been manipulated, exploited, mistreated and enslaved. Her story is a compelling one. The parallels between a Quiverfull family unit and a patriarchal cult ring true. Certainly the manipulation and isolation are present but also the over-arching use of militaristic rhetoric as expression of the group’s mission–a very common and powerful tactic in many modern cults.

I worry about women in entrapment similar to Garrison’s (and their children, too). I’m glad she  is raising her voice.

You can watch her full speech below. She also blogs at No Longer Quivering.

(top photo via here.)