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List 15: Recipes to Try

I started a LIST SERIES in Summer 2018 and decided to keep adding to it here and there. These posts are kinda like an introduction (or a reintroduction for those who’ve been with me since the jump!). A nice to meet ya, so glad you stopped by, now STAY AWHILE! Why lists? Because I love making ’em! Enjoy…

Things I’d love to cook/bake/eat…

Simple Sesame Noodles…for a different take on noodle-y comfort food.

Cheesy Broccoli Quinoa…reminds me of those $1 rice packets I used to live on in college.

Rosemary Olive Oil Bread…I have a slight rosemary obsession.

Chocolate Almond Breeze Smoothie…super simple sweet treat.

Slow Cooker Veggie Pot Pie Stew…so I can set it and forget it.

Brown Butter Rosemary Orange Cornbread…I mentioned the rosemary thing, right?

Honey Peach Frozen Yogurt…a great use for all those Farmers Market peaches.

Honey Banana Smoothie…honey again? Yes. Local honey keeps the allergies at bay!

Broccoli-Cheddar Grilled Cheese…are you sensing another pattern? I like what I like.

Avocado-Bacon Breakfast Wrap…for making brunch at home.

Butternut Squash and Chickpea Cakes…love this as a meat alternative idea.

Chicken Schnitzel…always down for a schnitzel!

Tell me what recipes you’ve been yearning to try in the comments below! xoxo

[And in case you’re curious…


LIST 14]

FIN! I’m retiring the LIST SERIES for now, but feel free to read through the archives. 😉 


mid-week round-up

Hello from Louisiana! Chet and I are spending the next few days in his hometown. We were happy to escape Miami for a few days (Spring Break is pretty lit for those traveling in but not so much for those who always reside there, if ya catch my drift!) Today, we’ve already eaten here and seen some art by an acclaimed animator. But I wanted to pop on and say “Hi!” and post a few links for your Wednesday. Hope y’all are having a great week, now get to clickin’…

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These pineapple coconut muffins look delicious (and so tropical!).

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P.S. A few Finding Delight posts you may have missed — 30 Boredom Buster When You’re Ballin’ on a Budget and Testing the Amazing, Multi-Purpose Powers of Witch Hazel.

Quick + Easy Meal Plan for One on a Budget (Vegan)

If you didn’t already know, my sister Katie wrote a musical! I know, right?! *Badass alert* She recently found out that Full the Musical was accepted to The New York City International Fringe Festival this August. So, on top of her full time job she’s also running around like a mad woman doing all the million and one things that need to happen to get a production ready for the bright lights of the big city. (Including, but not limited to; rehearsing, costuming, hustling, and coordinating travel from FL->NYC.) I’m exhausted just thinking about it.

full the musical

She mentioned to me that in the midst of all that madness she felt it was still important to throw down on some food prepared in her own kitchen. And I totally agree. Healthy fuel and a happy wallet are key components to this season of her life. But the perfect meal plan needed to be easy and non-brain-draining. (As well as reserve a few meals for eating out. Ya gotta be realistic, people!)

I told Katie, “Leave it to me, sistah!” You see, I LOVE creating meal plans. It feels like putting together a really satisfying puzzle. In case you have a similarly hectic week coming up, I thought I’d share what I put together for her.

And if you don’t? Thank your lucky stars. Cook elaborate meals. Revel in your free time. And then dig in your pockets to help out this amazing show. (Please and thanks!) 

Shopping List –


2 containers of coconut (or any non-dairy) yogurt

Almond milk


Fruit of choice that is on sale/in season

1 onion

1 potato

1 sweet potato

1 (14 oz) can of coconut milk

1 loaf of bakery bread (freeze whatever you won’t be using this week)

Earth Balance

Red lentils

Basmati rice



Peanut butter


Pita Chips (and/or crunchy dipping veg like bell peppers or baby carrots)


A couple of on sale/in season veggie choices for sauteeing (think: peppers, zucchini, etc)

1 frozen meal option (think: pizza, Indian food, gnocchi, etc)

1 dessert option (like Joe Joe’s from Trader Joe’s!!!)

(Note: I didn’t include spices or cooking oil on this list so check the recipes to make sure you have all items on hand.)

Meal Plan –


Breakfast –

Overnight oats (prepare 4 jars on Sunday night. In each jar goes ½ cup of oats, ½ cup of almond milk, and ½ of one yogurt container + whatever extras you want to add – cinnamon, cocoa powder, mashed banana, nuts. In the morning you can top with fruit and a spoonful of nut butter, if you like.)

Lunch –


Dinner –

Sweet Potato Curry Soup

(Saute chopped onions in a little cooking spray in a large pot over high heat. Add a pinch of salt. Once onions are translucent, add chopped potato, chopped sweet potato, 1 Tbsp curry powder, 1 cup water, and 1 can coconut milk. • Bring mixture to a boil, turn down heat to low, and simmer for about 20 minutes, until potatoes are tender. • Blend or mash mixture to desired consistency.)

Serve with a slice of toasted bakery bread with lots of Earth Balance!


Breakfast –

Overnight oats

Lunch –

Leftover sweet potato curry soup with another slice of bread and a serving of fruit.

vegan meal plan 2

Dinner –

Lentils and Rice


1 ½ cups red lentils, 7 cups water, 4 garlic cloves, 1 tsp cumin, ½ tsp cinnamon, 2 cups basmati rice , 1 tsp salt + avocado on top per serving


Add lentils, water, garlic and spices to a pot over medium high heat. Cook for 25 minutes, until lentils are soft. Add rice and salt. • Return to a boil, turn heat to low, and simmer for about 20 minutes. • Top with avocado!)


Breakfast –

Overnight oats

Lunch –

Leftover Lentils and Rice w/ a serving of fruit.

Dinner –



Breakfast –

Overnight oats

vegan meal plan 1.0

Lunch –

Peanut butter and banana sandwich with pita chips and fruit.

Dinner –

Leftover Lentils and Rice

vegan meal plan 3


Breakfast –

Avocado toast


Lunch –


Dinner –

Brekky for dinner: Tofu scramble, toast w/ nut butter, and fruit salad (your fruit selection for the week and banana…drizzle with honey if you like!)


Breakfast –



1 cup rolled oats, 1 ripe banana, 2/3 cup non-dairy milk, + peanut butter for topping


Blend together oats, banana and water. • Add batter to a skillet preheated to medium high heat. • Cook as you would normal pancakes, flipping when bubbles start to form on the side. • Top with peanut butter!)

Lunch –


Dinner –

Saute vegetables and tofu in a pan with soy sauce. Serve with rice and sriracha.


Breakfast –


Lunch –

Leftover stir-fry.

Dinner –

Frozen meal.


Pita chips and crunchy veggie of choice with hummus.


Dessert option and banana soft serve.

And there you have it! What do you think? Would this meal plan work for you? Do you have any tips + tricks for eating well when you’re balls deep in busy? Ya girl is all ears. 

P.S. No but for real, you should DONATE to Katie’s show. Those set pieces aren’t gonna haul THEMSELVES to The Fringe Festival. Thank you!

P.P.S. Love meal plans? Here’s another one that’s super budget friendly and here are 7 easy steps for beginner meal planners!

October favorites.

October favorites

With the turning of the calendar page from October to November, it’s time to bundle together the best products, places, media and everything in between from the last month. Here are 9 things I found myself loving in October…

1. Logitech speakers

My home workspace got even MORE swag this month with the addition of a set of white speakers to flank my monitor. I saw them featured in someone else’s computer set-up online and knew they would be perfect sitting atop my desk! Luckily, Chet was able to do a little Internet digging to track them down and gave them to me as a birthday present. I totally forgot to include them in my gift haul! Probably because they were plugged in and I’ve already grown so accustomed to having them as part of my computer. Their sound quality is fantastic and they match the rest of my desk so well!

2. Sharpie pens

I’ve loved the glory of the Sharpie pen for quite some time but I grew to love them even stronger this past month. Working from home means I’ve got to keep a running “To Do” list with all my tasks for the day. I wouldn’t get anything done otherwise. It’s all about the list! And it’s way more fun in colorful Sharpie pens. Some days I can even go full cray-cray and color code! I’ve also been working my way through a self-paced class on blogging for business and these pens are perfect for taking notes and brainstorming sessions.

3. Bamboo toothbrushes

In an effort to look for little replacements I could make to cut down on my use of plastic, I ordered this set of bamboo toothbrushes. Since you’re supposed to switch out your toothbrush every three months, I’ll be good to go for a whole year! And each toothbrush in the set is cleverly stamped with three months to make sure you don’t forget! So far I’m a fan and actually like them more than many plastic counterparts I’ve tried.

4. Homestead Bayfront Park

So, I keep bringing this park/beach up on the blog but I can’t help it! It’s quickly becoming one of my favorite places in the world! We visited twice this month (for my birthday and just this past weekend on Halloween, as well) and both times were so rejuvenating and fun. You can lay by the beach, swim in the atoll pool, watch the boats leave the marina, fish, enjoy a picnic, have dinner and drinks at La Playa Grill, or just wander about the park taking in the gorgeous views. If you drop down to Miami for a visit we promise to take you here! On our Halloween excursion to Homestead we also checked out Biscayne National Park (which is right next door to the Bayfront Park) and took a beautiful walk with views of downtown Miami in the distance across the water.

5. The Martian

This movie is definitely a must-see! In the midst of a Mars mission, a bad storm causes an astronaut crew to pack it in early and head home to Earth. However, one crew member is presumed dead and left behind. But he actually survived (!) and now he must get by with meager supplies, his own scientific-smarts and the help of a team of scientists at NASA millions of miles away. In the leading role Matt Damon is ridiculous and lovable and all the other characters are pitch perfect as well. The plot is, of course, gripping as is the case with most space exploration movies. It’s based on a bestselling hard sci-fi novel but the movie adaptation was definitely created with the masses in mind. I’m sure you’ll love it even if you aren’t a die hard science fiction fan.

6. Ring dish

I just can’t get over how cute this little dish is! This was a birthday present from Chet’s mom and it’s the sweetest little place to keep my jewelry and bobby pins at the end of the day. Polka dots? White and gold? French phrasing? I think I’m in love! This has taken up permanent residence on my dresser.

7. SubZero ice cream

Can we TALK about this ice cream for a second? OH MY WORD is it good! I thought I was spoiled in Lexington living so close to the fro-yo shop Orange Leaf but having SubZero up the street has it beat. The concept for this ice cream shop was pitched on the show Shark Tank and I’m so glad someone was like “Um, yeah. Of COURSE I’ll back this!” Basically your ice cream starts out in liquid form. You get to select your milk (you can even choose lactose free or almond–which is awesome for those of us whose tummies aren’t as accepting of dairy), flavors and mix-ins and then everything is mixed and frozen right in front of you with the help of dry ice. The result? The creamiest, richest ice cream you’ll ever taste! I recommend Nutella flavor. Yum!

8. Fargo

I recently put out a call on Facebook for binge-worthy TV recommendations. While we got a lot of great suggestions we decided to give Fargo a go. Well, just a few weeks later and now I’m jonesing for that second season. This show is SO. GOOD. The plot of the show is different from the movie while still capturing that Coen Brothers vibe of dark-funny-weird. It’s the first show in quite some time that really made me want to watch more than two episodes a night. Keep hittin’ that next button, please!

9. Moscow Mule cup

After months and months of wistfully picking up every Moscow Mule mug found in every store EVER, Chet said “enough is enough with all those copper-induced googly eyes!” and bought me one of my very own! Is he not the best at picking out presents?! *swoon* My cocktail of choice is gin and ginger ale which isn’t exactly a Moscow Mule but still feels very right served in a copper cup. Bonus, drinks stay super cold in this cup which is kind of a necessity when you live at the veeeeery Southern tip of the good ol’ U.S. of A.