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Creating costume makeup masterpieces!

Though I’m not skilled with a contour brush at ALL, let alone simple bits of makeup like say, a tube of lipstick, I DO appreciate the artistic hand it takes to get some of the more complicated looks. I also find YouTube tutorials weirdly calming and fascinating to watch. Kandee Johnson, who has a popular channel (with over 2 million subscribers) dedicated to utilizing her face as a canvas, is a true artist when it comes to this odd genre. Let’s check out some of my favorite looks…

Effie Trinket

Black Swan


Flo the Progressive Lady

P.S. Another YouTube video genre, if you feel like falling down the rabbit hole.


mid-week round-up

boats at harbor

Hey friends! What’s new? This past weekend we finally made it through a work event that we’ve been planning since last summer. Glad to have it off the calendar, and it went really well! Today, I have to go to the dentist (womp!) but I’m also planning on giving one of those new S’mores frappuccinos a try. After of course (don’t tell my dentist though)! But the biggest news from the past week is definitely that my boyfriend Chet is NOW OFFICIALLY A DOCTOR! He completed his PhD!!! I could not be more proud and happy for him. Have you gotten some exciting news this week, too? Do share! And here are some links for you to enjoy…

Here’s everything you need to know about birthstones. Mine is opal!

This green cleaning kit would make a nice (and generous) house-warming present.

Old Kentucky famed drinks from 1934 for your Derby Party.

Funny because it’s true.

Making 90 square feet look doable!

Black cross-body bag that would look chic dressed up or dressed down.

A pair of friends find an interesting way to stay in touch.

What a thoughtful Mother’s Day gift idea!

Flying like a boss.

This little girl IS a superhero!

Cute necklace tutorial.

I’m a sucker for cool choreography in a music video. (And now the song is in my head!)


mid-week round-up

rainy branches

How’s it going this week? On Monday I got to tune in to a livestream of the National Forensics Association awards ceremony, and I had a blast doing psycho things like applaud my computer screen and occasionally burst into tears. Congratulations to the 2015 national champions — Western Kentucky University! Also, it was great chatting with past teammates online while we watched. I am always so moved by how much we all still care about this activity. Hope everyone has a good rest of the week, and if you were at NFA I hope you get some rest! Now enjoy the links…

Some surprising additions to thrift store finds.

Cookbook in the classroom.

I totally want this linen apron. (So Japanese!)

Sports fan spirit animal.

Children of Vietnam soldiers still left behind.

I need to invest in a 1/2 gallon mason jar.

DIY Totoro!

A heart-wrenching podcast about a one-sided relationship.

Spend your finite funds on fun not stuff.

30 new entries for my Bucket List.

This bag would be perfect for any number of Summer adventures.

God bless my sister for finding a GIF of this reality tv moment.

mid-week round-up


What are you up to this week? I went to Marikka’s on Saturday to watch the Final Four games (UK lost, BOO!), and I was excited to follow updates from the American Forensics Association National Individual Events Tournament on Sunday and Monday. The (online) coverage culminated in a livestream of the award’s ceremony which was so fun to get to watch while group-chatting with a huge contingency of WKU forensics alums. The tournament’s Pacific time zone had me up well past my bedtime but was totally worth it to watch Western Kentucky take home the championship. By a nail-biting FOUR POINTS! Have a stupendous week, and keep reading (and clicking) for some neat links from around the ‘net…

I would totally make this if I owned a microwave.

A reminder that there are good people everywhere.

Plan of attack: spring cleaning edition.

What an inspirational kid!

The urbanization of a once agrarian city.

A fascinating story of Nazis, art, and red tape–now a feature film.

I already know my ABC’s but I would love a copy of this book for my coffee table all the same.

Wouldn’t all of these make heart-felt presents for a kid-at-heart?

A captivating true mystery.

Books to have on hand in the kitchen.

These peaceful portraits would look gorgeous hanging on a bedroom wall.

Managing periods can be a nightmare for homeless women.

mid-week round-up

champagne dreams

You know winter is stretching into infinity when one of the highlights of your weekend was curling up on your couch to knit a scarf. But for serious, I KNIT A SCARF!!! *Ahem* After 3 days of weather mayhem, I returned to a regular work schedule last Thursday, only to be greeted with a huge dirty snow-bank that needed shoveling upon my return home. Really ready for this stuff to melt. Nothing bums me out like the sight of dirty snow. Have you been staying warm? Feeling a bit cabin feverish? Sending sunshine your way! Now go enjoy these links…

10-minute lasagna (although I’d omit the olives).

Could Chipotle GET any more rad?

A gentle reminder you may need to hear today.

This neat crocheted basket would be perfect to keep all your odds and ends.

Why a Gonzaga player had to leave U.K. to find his true potential.

Say it with flowers!

Dishing about a super odd roommate.

Looking at Kentucky’s Appalachia.

I’m over here whining about a foot of snow…Extra love to Boston!


Love these adorable explanations of “The Birds and the Bees“.

Tips to avoid false memories.

P.S. And in case you missed them — my career advice and the hippest etsy shop.



mid-week round-up


Happy Wednesday! Hope you’re warm, cozy and dry today…maybe in a fuzzy sweater or with a mug of tea. Chet returns to Kentucky this week and I couldn’t be more excited!!! We’re looking forward to listening to “Charlie Brown Christmas” and decorating my apartment for the holiday as as possible. And  I know we will have lots of fun winter adventures to share! Have a marvelous week, and here are some link I thought you’d enjoy…

23 clever ways to use apple cider vinegar.

One woman’s journey to get rid of waste.

This must have taken a lot of concentration!

My favorite legal analyst in her 50’s loves Burning Man.

73 rapid fire answers from Anna Wintour.

Old people reacting to the “50 Shades of Grey” trailer. Dead.

Summer. #TBT

I love this resourceful Christmas decoration DIY.

Father-gone-too-soon writes his own kick-ass obituary.

No need to join a gym when you have YouTube!

Powerful art project.

Well, I just stocked up on lentils



How gorgeous is the photography and styling on this blog? I don’t even care that it is written completely in French, I could scroll through it’s pages for HOURS. Le sigh. From what I can ascertain, whomever maintains this blog creates beautiful DIYS and cooks mouth-watering treats…and that’s all one really needs to know. Especially when each of these projects and recipes are styled so magically! Care to scroll? http://www.carnetsparisiens.com is the place for you! ❤



frenchblog3 frenchblog4


(All photos via Carnets Parisiens.)

DIY: Mason Jar Bath Salts


Ok, I realize the concept of bath salts has been getting a bad rap as of late, ever since weirdos in Florida started smoking them and eating people’s faces off. But ACTUAL bath salts, the kind you soak in, are freaking awesome. Combine the benefits of essential oils with the benefits of salt in your bath water and you have a recipe for mindfulness, muscle recovery, stress relief, improved circulation, and a headache solution. This is a really simple DIY that you can adapt based on your favorite colors, scents, and containers to customize to your liking. Make a huge batch and you’ll have an arsenal of gifts you can break out at a moment’s notice. Not to mention, during the process, your house will smell amazing! I packaged this batch in mason jars because DUH! and I love mason jars (I also wanted to decoupage the tops for some added flair) but I think these, these or these would work well too. You could even be super thrifty and reuse cleaned out food jars.

What you’ll need:

For the salts–

-1 cup of epsom salt

-1 cup of sea salt

-essential oil (I used peppermint and lavender)

-food coloring (I used red and blue)

For the mason jar packaging–

-mason jars with this kind of lid

-magazine cutouts

-decoupaging supplies (I used glue, water and a paintbrush but use Mod Podge if you’re feeling fancy)

-pretty ribbon/s (twine would also look adorably shabby chic)

-a fun charm to tie around the top of the jar

and how it all comes together:

-Mix one cup of epsom salt and one cup of sea salt in a large mixing bowl.

-Add 3-6 drops of food coloring. Mix and add more until you reach your desired hue.

-Add 5-10 drops of your chosen essential oil(s). (You can do a little online research if you’re not familiar with oils and their various benefits.)

-Set the bowl aside and pretty up your mason jar tops by decoupaging a tiny collage on top.

-Spoon your salts into the jars and throw the top on.

-Tie a small charm or gift tag/label around the jar with your chosen ribbon/s.

Voila! You’re well on your way to giving someone the gift of stress relief and a proper pampering.

DIY: Stitch a trip.


Recently, my brother and his girlfriend moved from Danville, KY to Savannah, GA. Lucky lil ducks, I say. I decided to do a little DIY brainstorming for ways to commemorate their big move with a crafty gift. I settled upon a project which ended up being a super easy afternoon endeavor that I’m sure anyone could replicate. Simply hand-stitch a map from point A to point B. Honestly, the toughest part about this craft was finding a suitable map. This would be a great way to remember a meaningful vacation, study-abroad trip or long distance trail hike and would look so sweet hanging amongst other frames on a mixed-media gallery wall.

What you’ll need:

– Map

– Embroidery Thread

– Embroidery Needle

– Frame

And how it all comes together:

– Find a suitable map and cut it to fit your frame. My map was torn from a book of U.S. maps that I found in a discount book bin.

– Sketch out the route and embellishments with a pencil (very lightly). I went with the route, an “X” at point A, a heart at point B and initials.

– Use your needle to poke evenly spaced holes over top of your sketch. Erase any visible pencil marks.

–  Sew through all your holes using a backstitch. (In layman’s terms–Start by threading the needle from the back of the paper through the second hole. Then insert the needle in the first hole and pull through the third. Etc. Clear as mud?)

map2   map3


-Frame and admire your handi-work!



DIY: Burlap Calendar


Recently, I decided to jazz up my desk at home in order to psychologically witch-craft myself into using it more often. I moved the desk next to a window for some natural light, hung some prints on the wall around it, and placed some pens in a pretty cup. One thing felt missing though…a simple, shabby-chic inspired calendar! I like this calendar DIY because you can write in the month/dates with dry erase (it’s framed in glass) and it can hang on the wall, gently reminding you of all your upcoming tasks. Here’s how to make your own—

What you’ll need:

– burlap

– ruler

– fine point Sharpie

– scissors

– square frame (with glass on top, not plastic)

– any little extra bits of cloth, stickers, ribbons, etc to take it to the next level

and how it all comes together:

– Cut a square of burlap so that it will fit in your chosen frame.

– Do a little measurement math and sketch out (probably with a pencil at first) the bones of your calendar. I chose to put a rectangle in the top right for writing in the Month and a large grid below it with 7 squares across and and 5 squares down to write in your days. Now, write the days of the week across the top of each square.

– Go over your outlines with a fine-tipped sharpie. The effect of Sharpie on burlap is pretty cool because it ends up looking like the outlines/writing have been stitched on. #crafthack

– Add some swag! I happened to have a bunch of those white/tan cloth stickers in my craft box so I put a few on to really up my Shabby-Chic game. Any cloth scraps cut into cool shapes would look super cute too.

– Frame that puppy up and stick it on your wall at home or in your office.

– Use dry-erase markers to write in the month and days (which I’ve done for April in the picture above) and all your important appointments (which I’ve yet to do in the picture above).

Yay! Crafting for the win….because this post was totes written at my cozy lil home desk. : )