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mid-week round-up

the deal with jay

Have you been listening to Serial? This chart made me laugh. I love that “actually pretty good at lacrosse” falls in the “stoner” category. So true.

Anywho, what are your plans for Thanksgiving? I’ve been promoting the holiday (and all it’s signature dishes) for the past month, so whatever the day brings I know it will be ending with a big glass of wine and a relieved farewell! On to Christmas! Have a wonderful Wednesday and a truly happy Thanksgiving, and here are some links for your enjoyment…

Life changing poems.

Real foods to get at Trader Joe’s.

For the “Parks and Rec” fan on your shopping list.

Story of my life.

The ladies of the BBN come in all sizes!

What birth looks like around the world.

A cleverly designed tiny home made from a shipping container.

Animation of a wife’s drunk joke!

Someday, when I have my own home office, I’m gonna kit it out with Kate Spade desk accessories.

A costume designer tells a story with clothes.

A really simple fajita dinner!

We’ve all been a hot mess before. Gentle words of encouragement should be passed along!

mid-week round-up

garage door

What’s up, buttercups? My mom and I went to visit my grandma this past weekend, and this week at work it’s all about Thanksgiving promotion. Not gonna lie, I’m getting a little sick of thinking about turkeys and pies. : ) Oh, and winter has returned! Usually, with the turning of the seasons I feel a gripping sense of nostalgia for a day or two. As the days turned to Fall, my friends and I agreed that it happens to all of us! The only sound explanation I could settle on was that, without any recent recollections involving the current climate, your mind turns to years past as a way to make sense of the new season. The result, a flood of memories and melancholy. However, the recent snow and drop in temperature didn’t pull me into that place. I think because my eyes are cast ahead, in the best of ways. But perhaps, it’s just because winter arrived too brusquely and it’s taken us all by surprise. In any case, stay warm out there and here are some links for your Wednesday…

What’s in my Bag: Reporting on Ebola Edition

Give the gift of food this season. Donate to your local food pantry.

My mom is the coolest!

Tonight Show Family Feud

Adoption is beautiful.

Pack up the car and take a day trip in Kentucky.

Artists attempting to breathe new life into a mostly vacant neighborhood in Columbus.

Has anyone seen this movie? I’d love to see it!

I hope to one day have a similar weekly ritual.

I’ve been feeling called to Paris lately.

Is the narrative that smart kids “get out” of their small towns insulting to those who choose to stay? Does grooming kids to leave merely perpetuate the problems inherent in the area they are trying to escape? Read this interesting piece about rural return.

Trolling Dr. Oz is my favorite genre of trolling.

And finally–a beautiful essay on Gordon Lightfoot and why we choose to listen to the music we do. (Spoiler alert: it’s written by my brother.)

mid-week round-up


This week is crazy busy, y’all! But I have a fantastic work event rounding out the work week and right when that’s done I’ll be tooling on down the Bluegrass Parkway to Bowling Green to see some of my favorite Hilltoppers! Back to that work event though…we’ll be hosting a Holiday Sampling Event at Good Foods Co-op this Friday from 5 – 7 pm with some outstanding (FREE) Thanksgiving preview dishes. Stop by and say hi!!! What are you guys up to? Adjusting to this time change yet!? Hope everyone’s week is magnificent and here are some fun links from my internet meandering…

This would be a cozy sweatshirt to live in all Fall long.

Breathtaking article.

Great dish to feed your freezer.

I’ve been loving this blog series.

A 5 year journey in pictures.

Your cry of the day.

It wouldn’t be a mid-week round-up without some tiny home porn!

One of the more random trends I’ve ever heard of.

Reasons to be a feminist.

Wouldn’t you love to go to a secret bohemian dinner party?

Finally some HEART-WARMING Ebola news!

You don’t have to break the bank to eat healthy!

mid-week round-up


Happy Halloween! I hope everyone is having a great week and that you have an appropriately spooky weekend. Here are a few fun links from around the web for your mid-week enjoyment…

Life skills–for anyone, really.

I would love this as a vacation spot!

What really happened to the deceased professor who became the poster-child for exploited academics.

Those little piggy grunts!

Great conversation starter.

22 ways to look at style.

Poor Shane. I’m on his side. : )

If you’re in the market, I LOVE this jewelry shop! Druzy obsessed.

What a proposal!

I would hang a framed print of ANY of these photographs in my house.

Have y’all been listening to this podcast? It’s a nail biter!

Fascinating interview with a former English teacher at a North Korean university.

P.S. Have you seen the show “Manhattan”? I’m 3 episodes in and already totally addicted. The first season is streaming on Hulu Plus, if you’re in need of a new show.

mid-week round-up


Happy Wednesday! What are y’all up to? I’m spending the week with Chet in Lafayette, LA and we have all sorts of fun things planned! Farmers market, hiking, a festival and eating my weight in Cajun food. I’ll try to post some updates and pictures of our adventures as they’re happening but if there’s some radio silence you’ll know I’m just enjoying my vacation and I’ll be back real soon. ; ) Sending you lots of love from down south…now on to the links!!!…

This movie is perfect because of it’s imperfections…and still holds up today!

Cardboard stories.

Student kicked out of class because of what her mother does.

And speaking of…Michelle Obama on being a working mom.

Sleeping your way to the top! (Chet has a cougar crush on her!)

So all those fake birthday songs on TV shows have been in vain?!?

This child is my spirit animal.

Anyone interested in some Autumn exploration?

This made me laugh. (Wink to a tee!)

I hate that this is true.

Homesteading supplies you can buy for cheap at the dollar store.

Just nailing it all over the place…and at 72 no less!

and congrats to my little sister, Katie, who won the Theatre Tampa Bay award for outstanding actress in a musical!!! ❤

mid-week round-up


What are you up to this fine week, folks? I’m planning on a quiet week (*knocks on wood*) with plenty of down-time to do this arm challenge and read this book AND count down the minutes until my upcoming trip to Lafayette, LA (!!!!!). Also, it’s my last full week as a 28 year old. Eeps! Hope you have a rad day, and here’s some reading material…

A supermarket’s genius idea to turn trash to profit.

The one little thing Meridith can’t travel without.

Vegan curry in a hurry!

Just do yourself a favor and watch this. (“I prune everything.” #dying)

Movement is medicine.

A year long make-up free experiment.

An affordable red wine round-up.

I love this blog series.

Spend less so you can live more!

Etsy flipped the script.

I would appreciate if someone could make me this salad at my earliest convenience.

Emma Watson NAILED IT.

And congrats to Marc Mezvinsky and Chelsea Clinton on the birth of their daughter, Charlotte. Proud grandparents, Bill and Hil, looked to be positively beaming!

mid-week round-up


What are y’all up to this week? Fall is in the air, so I’m trying to soak up the last of the warm weather. I love the sunlight in September! Does that sound weird? It just has such a perfect golden shine during this month, no other month’s can compare. Today, I think I’m gonna finish up some DIY projects and maybe power through my current book so I can queue up some new ones to be set aside for me at the library. Hope you have a blissful day, and here’s my weekly round-up of notable links for you to enjoy…

Great review of one of my favorite books.

Archaeologists uncover oldest case of Down’s syndrome.

A rise in fraudulent diplomas means promising things for pet population.

In important slow cooker news…BREAD! 

Proof that we’re not as classy as we used to be.

My favorite part of Sunday is reading Sunday Routine.

Rambunctious kitten play-time!

Evolution of Music, a capella style. (P.S. Is the guy on the bottom left this same dude?)

This is literally my worst nightmare.

Sorry not sorry, I can’t wait for this movie.

Powerful ad–ballet is STRENGTH.

This sweater is so cute! And perfect for Fall.


Linking up with Because Shanna Said So for RANDOM WEDNESDAY! 


mid-week round-up


I hope everyone had a relaxing holiday weekend! If you’re in a reading (and watching) mood during this short week, here are a few fun posts from around the web to help distract ya from the work you didn’t want to do anyways. Have a good one, darlings!

The greatest response to an accidental “Reply All.”

Great piece on Lexington, KY and gentrification.

This is bananas and a must watch for any John Munch fans.

My brother on why he became and remains a Barenaked Ladies fan. (We saw them in concert together way back in the day!)

Any Anglophiles out there?

Not many animated kids’ movies feature a named Mother who lives until the credits roll.

A catch-up with the Bad Yogi herself, Erin Motz.

Saeed Jones’ must-read on being an American male.

Well, this is relateable. (I accidentally on purpose started binge watching this on Hulu the other day.)

These certainly look like something that needs to GET IN MY BELLY.

A lovely, new-to-me fashion blog.

China questioning their national character.

And awesome news! You can now watch the complete series of “The Wire” on Amazon Prime Instant Video.

See you guys tomorrow! ❤

P.S. My shoe capsule and my latest book recommendation, in case you missed ’em.

mid-week round-up


Hi! How’s the week going for you guys? My to-do lists have been super long the last few days. Isn’t the ramp-up in obligations and tasks around school startin’ time weird? It’s not like I had the whole summer off for vacay! For those of you who ARE starting school for the year, GOOD LUCK! I hope this semester goes fantastically and that you learn a whole bunch.

Here are a few neat posts from around the web…

Why one father has chosen not to tell his son he’s smart.

Sarah Silverman is my spirit animal.

What French kids eat for lunch.

Can you guess these famous first lines from classic novels when they’re written in emojis? (Number 12 made me laugh out loud.)

Former member of a tight-knit prayer group turned cult tells all.

Easy and delicious pasta dinner.

Running wild with Photoshop to examine global standards of beauty.

Pictures of communal living in the Netherlands.

Studies begin on the babies born with genetic material from 3 parents.

Do you have a non-Gmail email?

Neil DeGrasse Tyson is such a BAMF.

Miley Cyrus speaks out about homeless youth.


mid-week round-up


Hey friends! What are y’all up to this week? I have the next three days off to spend with Chet before he heads back to school (and the completion of his PhD!!!). Let the adventures begin! But first, let’s adventure through the internet….

Imagine making such a discovery in your backyard.

One teacher makes the difficult choice to walk away.

A sleek, chic tiny home. (When can I move in?)

This genius hotline layin’ down some education.

Talk to strangers!!! 

Just some farmer’s market humor. NBD.

8 minute docu about a dude who lives on a little boat.

What happened in Chile on a DIFFERENT 9/11.

40 year old mom becomes an NFL cheerleader. Get it, girl!

Super easy, on-the-go Mason jar brekky.

Some surprising truths about homelessness.

The fainting dog that made my puppy fever skyrocket through the roof!

P.S. I woke up to a BROKEN coffee pot this morning…it just made a bunch of noises and nothing would brew. Has this ever happened to you? It was like zero to crisis in 2.5 seconds, all in the haze of non-caffeinated morning confusion. Chet burnt some fingers in the process. Basically a scene out of a Mumblecore Rom-Com. : )