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mid-week round-up

Hi friends! What’s new with you? I finally watched a few more Oscar’s endorsed films over the weekend — Lion and Arrival. Highly recommend if you still haven’t seen them! Monday I was glued to my computer screen as I watched the results roll in from the National Forensics Association’s national tournament in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. Huge congratulations to the students and coaches at Western Kentucky University for taking home the win! I was a very proud Hilltopper. (And may or may not have gotten a little misty-eyed when the news broke that WKU closed out debate finals…as well as when 3 females from the team took top 3 in After Dinner Speaking. #4sup4ever)

I could gush about forensics forever but I’ll get to the links…

Unarmed. Not wearing a seatbelt. Running away. Police are more likely to shoot if you’re black. 

This looks like a fun read if you’re feelin’ wanderlust-y.

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People waste years trying not to waste hours, says best-selling author of Moneyball.

Yesterday’s Taco Tuesday inspiration.

After watching Lion, I immediately donated to the International Centre for Missing and Exploited Children. You should too!

Will circular runways ever take off? 

A new generation of hoarders has emerged — and they’re mobile.

A journey from Real World to homeless shelter.

Love Scandal? Create your own hit, prime-time show with Shonda’s help.

Quick, somebody “Saaave” Miami from Estrella Insurance’s sexist ads.

What it’s like to be a cheesemonger.

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Take a hair quiz and get personalized shampoo + conditioner sent straight to your door.

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mid-week round-up


Happy Wednesday, pals! What have you been up to? I didn’t end up taking the trip up to St. Pete (as I mentioned in last week’s round-up) due to a sick kitty. However, I tried to make the most of my weekend at home and yesterday we spent the late morning/afternoon at the beach. Oh, and Wink the cat is all better! He’s lucky he has such loving parents. ; ) Hope you have a great day and here are some entertaining links for you to peruse…

Do you think Kristen Wiig is accepting applications for best friend? Because I would submit one!

A yummy slow-cooker soup for an easy weeknight meal.

This candle would make your house smell like Summer in the dead of Winter.

Why you should do a lifestyle photo shoot in your house before you move out.

Chet’s been obsessed with Gordon Ramsay lately. Tempted to sign him up for this class!

Adding Someone Knows Something to my ever-growing list of podcasts I want to listen to.

Victoria Beckham writes a letter to her 18-year-old self.

Passions flare over memory of The Manhattan Project.

Border Angels is an amazing organization and supporting the thousands of refugees in Tijuana shelters is a worthy cause. Consider donating!

Stripped of their dignity.

Warning: Abortion’s deadly DIY past could soon become its future.

How much do we need Obamacare? Just take a sad tour of GoFundMe.

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mid-week round-up


Hello again! It seems folks all over the country have been experiencing a cold snap these last few days so I hope you’re managing to stay warm and toasty. The lows in Miami were in the 50’s and it was amusing to watch the locals break out their parkas and beanies. That’s practically an arctic blast down here! In other news, Chet and I are headed to St. Pete tomorrow. I’m super stoked to see my sister, play a little shuffleboard, and enjoy the gulf-side of the state for a few days. Have you ever been to St. Petersburg, FL? Any recommendations? I’ll post what we’re up to over on my Instagram. Hope you have a great rest of your week, and here are a few links for you to peruse…

The tech inside this 19th century conveyance isn’t stuck in the 19th century.

This and a set of stencils seems like a fun recipe for a whole host of DIYs.

Making Oprah: The inside story of a TV revolution.

How adorable would it be to scatter these around a wedding reception venue?

Why is this painting so captivating?

I’m obsessed with Alessandra Olanow’s illustrations.

Meryl Streep’s Golden Globes speech.

How we found (and lost) the dream of Personal Rapid Transit.

A genius way to give back.

A Harvard linguist reveals the most misused words in English.

Make college football great again by making it more like high-school debate.

There are as many names for french toast as ways to cook it.

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mid-week round-up


How’s it going this week, guys? After a restful weekend, I started work Monday on a DIY Advent calendar. IDK why but the Christmas bug has bit me extra hard this year. I will wait until after Thanksgiving to begin decorating but that doesn’t mean I’m not daydreaming about Christmas decor. All the holiday stuff out in stores already is just so darn cute! I’ve also been sneaking in as many episodes of Gilmore Girls as humanly possible in preparation for their triumphant return on Netflix. (I am basically this meme.) Hope you all are well, and here are a few click-worthy links I think you should check out…

There’s still time to get in a good Gilmore Girls binge sesh.

A round-up of worthwhile organizations to donate time and money to.

Trump is already scaring and discouraging students from abroad.

Yes, he thought Trump would win. No, he didn’t use hard data.

What Millennials are looking for in a church.

Make your own ornaments on a Dollar Tree budget.

The election, through the eyes of teenage girls.

What it’s like being a weed trimmer in the underground cannabis economy.

How the law will keep President Trump in check.

A mom meets Hillary in the woods.

Colorful planner stickers to keep you on track.

“Happy Birthday, Mr. President.” 

The Power of Self-Care


In the aftermath of the election, I needed to call on the power of self-care. Here are a few of the ways I took care of myself this weekend in an effort to catch my breath, hit the refresh button, and keep fighting the good fight.

1. Took time away from social media. 

In the days after the election, I found myself trapped in a never-ending social media binge. I kept hitting refresh as if I needed to see every last person’s opinion on what was happening. I desperately needed to step away. (There are only so many thought-piece Facebook statuses I can cry over before I start to spiral.) In an effort to avoid my computer screen for a few hours, I re-read Little House in the Big Woods one afternoon. For some evening diversion, Chet and I watched Midnight in Paris and Drive.

2. Gave to a worthy cause.

If you haven’t seen this great list that Jezebel put out last Wednesday definitely go check it out. It includes a whole slew of pro-women, pro-immigrant, pro-Earth, anti-bigotry organizations that need our support. Inspired, I decided to spend some time reading about the American Civil Liberties Union and the work they do. I joined, donated, and spoke to friends and family about why they should do the same.

3. Spent time in the great outdoors. 

As I’ve mentioned before, I was gifted a self-paced photography class for my birthday (Thanks Mom!). The homework from the most recent lecture provided the perfect excuse to get outside in search of cool subject matter. Camera-strapped and sans-phone, I walked around the FIU campus for a few hours. Fresh air and sunshine are such a magical combination, don’t you think? And hopefully I got a few good shots!

4. Told a few folks to come correct. 

Sometimes you need to find comfort in community in order to take care of yourself. A few times over the past week, when commiserating with others, expressing fears and sadness, a rogue individual has butted in to man-splain why getting upset isn’t helpful. Nothing gets my goat like a dude policing my emotions. I will happily tell a fella’ to back off so my little community can continue to care for each other.

5. Re-visited this encouraging website. 

Do you remember this amazing pep-talk generator? (I first talked about it here.) I’ve clicked on it a few times over the past days and it always delivers. I especially loved this pep talk, which popped up right after I’d had a conversation with a friend about how the results of the election made me, as a woman, feel so small…

“Don’t keep yourself too hidden. Embrace feeling small — let it open up the world before you, then watch it change with your touch. From the way you move oceans to the breaths you unknowingly take. The universe is already falling for you. Make lost your new home, and don’t stop. You’re meant to be you, where you are, right now.”

My loves – How have you been taking care of yourself? I hope the list above offers you some ideas if you’re looking for a shot in the arm. Hang in there! 

Spotlight: Altruist Apparel

Hey friends! Today I’d like to introduce you to Amy – founder and operator of Altruist Apparel. When I first found out about Altruist Apparel, a small company that believes in wellness and empowerment for women all over the world, I fell totally in love. Their  designs feature words, phrases, and symbols that invoke fire within the female spirit.  Across the globe they seek to help women and girls by donating a portion of all their proceeds to organizations that help women and girls in developing countries have safe access to education, health care, and living conditions. How cool is that!

Intrigued by this unique business model (and the totally kick ass slogans emblazoned on their products), I reached out to Amy to ask her a few questions…

amy headshot 1

Hi Amy! Can you tell Finding Delight readers a little bit about yourself and Altruist Apparel?

Hey Beth! I am an editorial photographer and designer based  in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Before leaving my 9-5 to pursue my creative businesses full-time, I worked as a children’s mental health worker which had it’s good times, but in the end just didn’t fulfill me the same way being creative for a living does. Altruist Apparel was birthed from a spark of an idea — to create an online business that somehow inspired and affected change in the world. I’ve always felt vehemently about women’s issues, both at home and abroad, and I’d recently gotten the idea to design t-shirts for another startup that I’m planning with my partner. The two combined in a brain explosion that was pretty epic. It kept me up half the night thinking and planning it all out and by morning I’d already established 90% of the Altruist Apparel brand in my mind. Altruist Apparel features designs that promote women’s empowerment, resiliency, and community over competition, in an effort to help women here at home live their best lives. The other extremely important part of my business model is to donate 15% of all profits to an organization that helps women and girls gain safe access to education and health care, and addresses social issues like child marriage and gender-based violence. I teamed up with Plan International’s Because I Am A Girl project because they do such a fantastic job doing just that!me vs me tank

Does your background as a children’s mental health worker help you craft the sort of messages you want your company to stand for?

Absolutely. Throughout my work in children’s mental health and child welfare, I’ve had a lot of adolescent girls on my caseload who are brilliant young women with so much potential. Unfortunately many of those girls will never end up realizing their potential, due to issues with self-esteem, familial and social issues, school difficulties, drugs, alcohol, and even prostitution. Altruist Apparel’s messages of empowerment, strength, and resiliency are often inspired with them in mind; messages I wish they could internalize and believe, and that would help them combat their demons and live their best life. Some of the girls I’ve worked with have been able to do that, and they are the embodiment of these messages.

fate loves the fearless tshirt

How would you describe your personal style? Did it play a role in your vision for Altruist Apparel?

It sure did! I am a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl. As I write this, I am wearing a black t-shirt with a picture of a cat with wings on it and the caption “dreams come true.” I didn’t design it, but I wish I had! I love how t-shirts can be worn while working out, hiking, or camping, but also under a cute blazer with a pretty necklace and hot shoes. T-shirts are my uniform, so designing t-shirts seemed a natural fit for me.

amy headshot 2

Altruist Apparel is currently focusing fundraising efforts on Plan International’s Because I am a Girl project. Can you tell us a little bit about this organization and why you chose it?

Plan was founded in 1937 and is one of the world’s oldest and largest international development organizations. The focus of the organization as a whole is to improve the lives of children, and the Because I Am A Girl project focuses specifically on issues faced by girls. 62 million girls world-wide are not in school. 15 million girls are forced to become brides before the age of 18. Girls are twice as likely as boys to become malnourished. And millions of girls are victims of gender-based violence. I chose the organization because it covers the issues that are most important to me. There are numerous organizations out there that do phenomenal work, and I hope to work with more of them in the future.

When designing your apparel, who do you envision wearing the results?  

Women with undaunted, unbridled spirits. Women with fire in their hearts and a will of iron. These are the women I design for, and the kind of women I aspire to be. I also design girls’ shirts and onesies so we can start them young. A lot of the messaging young girls are receiving is downright concerning. Girls are taught to place value in being pretty, in being fawned over, and in having the attention of boys. I find the whole idea of raising girls as little princesses downright sad. I think we need to raise warriors, not princesses.

empower tank

I absolutely love the message behind ALL the phrases and words you’ve chosen for your shirts, tanks, and onesies. Can you tell us about some of your favorites and how you chose them?

The quote “Fate whispers to the warrior, you cannot withstand the storm. The warrior whispers back, I am the storm” gives me chills every time. I absolutely love it. I want to get it tattooed on my body. It’s not an original of mine, it’s an older quote that is of unknown origin, but damn it packs a punch. I also really dig the warrior shirt, because I’m really into the idea of the modern day warrior. A couple of years ago I shot a fashion editorial with a warrior girl theme. We had bows and arrows and really awesome war paint for the models’ faces. It was an incredible, creative experience and helped me form this idea of the modern day warrior woman that I love. I also love the thought of women enduring adversity in their lives with the strength, determination, courage, and pride worthy of the warrior title. My warrior shirts really resonate with me for that reason.

warrior tshirt

What do you hope Altruist Apparel will look like in one year’s time?

In a year’s time I hope that Altruist Apparel is solidly established with a huge following. I have three additional t-shirt lines in the works to be released over the next year, and will be adding totes, pillows, prints, and iPhone cases in the near future. The more money the company makes, the more I can give to help girls and women in developing countries. I would also love to take some of the profits to fund a volunteer trip for myself abroad so I can provide hands-on help and photography for NGOs. I have huge dreams for this little company. 🙂

Thank you so much, Amy! Your story, company, and products are truly inspiring. Wishing you and Altruist Apparel the best of luck. ❤ 

P.S. To keep up to date with news and products, you can follow Altruist Apparel on Facebook HERE and Instagram HERE.

mid-week round-up

rainbow stairs 2

What wonderful things have you been up to, my loves? We enjoyed some extra relaxation time with the holiday weekend, and took a trip to explore Coral Gables on Sunday. I’ve also been introducing Chet to one of my (many) reality TV obsessions, the PBS historical documentary “- House” series. (Like Frontier House, Colonial House, etc.) Have you seen them? Hope you have a wonderful rest of your week, and while you’re at it, take a look at these treats the internet has to offer…

Stories of people who abandoned urban settings for something a little more pastoral.

Kentucky’s state of paradox.

In case back-to-school season inspires you to donate.

Have you used these city guides? I hear they’re awesome. #wishlisted

A stunning piece to keep all your rings safe. (Reminds me of trips to New Mexico.)

My new favorite video on the internet.

After watching him in 2 great TV shows and following him on Instagram, I didn’t think I could love Matt McGory any more…I was wrong.

Terrifyingly, drivers in China kill the pedestrians they hit…on purpose.

Feeling a little ill? Call the Doctor!

moving approach to housing.

Keep your freezer stocked with the following to stay out of the drive-thru.


A piece Chet wrote on writing centers.

P.S. How to build a light box and eerily awesome affordable art.

An (UN)arranged marriage.


A few weeks ago, I was struck by this interview on NPR’s Weekend Edition Sunday with Fraidy Reiss, a woman whose religion and culture dictated when and whom she should wed. At 19 and an abusive man who later, when Reiss was reaching out for help, elders in her community would defend as simply having “a little bit of a temper.” After leaving her husband and the Ultra-Orthodox Jewish community, she founded a non-profit organization to help other women escape arranged marriages. Because guess what? Women being manipulated in the name of God, their heritage, family pride, or some twisted take on tradition happens in America way more often than we care to realize. It is hard to determine just how many arranged marriages occur in the United States each year but what we do know is that most states lack the legislation to protect women when they go wrong. Reiss was partnered with her husband by a professional matchmaker, a common occurrence in the Orthodox Jewish community. “It never occurred to me that I was doing anything other than what I had always dreamed of doing,” she says. But, merely one week into married existence, Reiss discovered that life with this stranger was not headed towards wedded bliss. After family and multiple rabbis’ refusal to assist the young bride she looked else where…

From the accompanying NPR article:

After a particularly violent episode, Reiss says, she went to the police to get a temporary restraining order, a first for a woman in her community. That was a mistake, she says.

“I realized too late that one of the gravest sins in the Orthodox Jewish community is ratting out your fellow Jew to secular authorities,” she says. The rabbis sent an attorney from the community to Reiss’ house to drive with her to family court and tell the judge she wanted to drop the restraining order.

After getting a degree and a job, Reiss was finally able to take her 2 children and leave the marriage. She was promptly declared dead by the rest of her family and shunned. However, Reiss would go on to found Unchained At Last, a non-profit organization which helps women like her escape forced or arranged marriages–offering free legal counsel, social services and a mentor program. For many of these women, this way of life is the only one they know and they have no one to help them. Conversely, Unchained At Last envisions a world where women are free to choose when, whom and whether they marry.

If you’d like to listen to the NPR interview with Fraidy Reiss CLICK HERE.

If you’d like to check out the fantastic organization, Unchained At Last CLICK HERE.

And if this story strikes you, as it did me, I strongly encourage you to make a donation HERE.